DVD recomendation

PLease help with a DVD recomendation...I have Marantz 8200 receiver with M&K 750 speakers, Sony RP LCD TV and use it 95% for HT...Any thoughts on the Denon 2200 DVD or should I consider a DVD with a DVI output connection??? Thinking about a $500 DVD budget if you have any other recommnedations.
Check out the Samsung with the DVI output at BestBuy. Around $250. It "upsamples" to 1080i.
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I would consider the DVI output a minimal standard as I can always continue to use my DVD player as a transport and I can always upgrade my processor.
"Samsung with the DVI output at BestBuy Around $250. It "upsamples" to 1080i"
I would check out what's being said about this particular players problems with the Audio output not syncing with the video output on the AVS forum before purchasing it.
I tried the Samsung with DVI into my Sony 57" vs. the Marantz DV4300 and in every regard (especially sound) I prefered the Marantz, just because it's got the DVI capability doesn't mean it's gonna be better.
I use the DVI output on my Theta Carmen-II linked to my Panasonic Plasma, Now that's a picture! IMO the Carmen-II puts my old Theta DaViD to shame. And with DVI and progressive scan as standard features how can you lose? Oh yea the price :^(

Anyway shop around it may be worth investing a grand or more for a nice Sony or Dennon player to go with that LCD monitor.
Couldn't agree with the posters more. The new hot stuff has the hdmi connection---video/audio same cable. Pretty hard to have sync problems there. On the the Sam 931 Bravo D1 or 2-- if it matches up with your stuff;best bang for the buck. Get one of these or any dvi player, at BB, CC,GG, Sears /where you got a 30 trial.
I am not sure about the sound but component video was better than the DVI between this unit and my grand vega III lcd sony. DVI was too dark with a great loss of detail in the shadows. I bought it for DVI and I use Component video.