DVD-R Iincopatability?

Maybe some one can help me out with this. I have an LG unit that I can record on and we tried watching the DVD-Rs on a friends Sanyo and also RCA units but, they don't load and play. We even tried our computers using Windows 7 and Windows 8 and the same thing the disc is not recognized.
What I have recorded is very valuable to me is there some way I at least can them transferred (if necessary) so that we can watch them on anything or what seems to be the problem? I could really use your help. Thanks
If you can now just rip the files somehow, your problem will be solved. Since you're already using Windows, download a free program called MakeMKV. I really don't like to use Windows for stuff like this, but this is pretty straight forward now that we know what you are dealing with.

So, if you can, try MakeMKV and I'm pretty sure you'll be able get your files into a state where you can use them as you wish. Even if it doesn't work, there are other programs you can try, but the one I listed is the easiest.

Finalized disc did work because they play without a hitch on my deck. The deck is a combo of VHS & DVD LG model RC700N.
08-06-15: Rsjm80


The disc does have to be "FINALIZED" to play back on DVD recorder it was made on. Did you check when you load the disc/s in the LG recorder if the front display panel says DVD or does it still say DVD-R? If it says DVD-R the disc/s is not finalized. The recorder does not automatically finalize the disc. The user has to command the recorder to finalize the DVD-R disc.
Yes, exercised the command to Finalize after each recording. It seems that the answer is that there is a conflict with the formats. I don't understand why the formats should be different for the makers of DVD-R, DVD-RW, I just want to be able to share these (for viewing purposes) with a friend of mine.
Rsjm80, Any idea what models the Sanyo and RCA units you tried it on are? I looked at the specs on your LG and, similar to my Toshiba, it reads and writes just about every format under the sun (except BluRay). I still think, if worst comes to worst, you should be able to hook the outputs from your machine to the inputs of another recorder and dub the disc so you don't lose your recording. As you probably don't have another recorder handy, you may have to find a service that does this. Many camera stores used to do this but they're a dying breed.
I don't see why you can't rip the disks and just re-burn them however you like.
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