DVD-R Disc Differences: The Real Scoup????

I am really floored by the incredible range in the prices for DVD-R Blank Discs. Can someone clue me in on the differences and best places to buy quality discs at the best prices? Are there any web sites that present an unbiased discussion of the differences? Thanks for any help.
I did some more digging around and found a general set of related links Click Here

More practical insight is appreciated as to what works best in short and long term, and best places to purchase.

You might want to check out www.cdmediaworld.com the have some info on DVDR's
Before you go looking for some bargain prices on DVD-R discs, you might want to get a July 2002 copy of DV/Digital
Video magazine. They have a technical article about recordable DVD equipment and blank media that I would consider a "must read" for anyone doing anything more than
some casual home recording.
I mention this as the owner of a commercial media duplication firm that has been recording DVD-Rs for nearly
six months and is now also doing some mass duplication. The
article in DV magazine clearly points out that there are
some major quality differences in the various brands of
DVD-R discs on the market - and in a number of cases price
has little to do with quality.
The article also goes into some detail as to which DVD
players are best suited for playback of DVD-R recorded
discs. Brands are named and rated; as are various types and
brands of media. Do yourself a favor and check it out - IT