DVD Question

First, I'm still using Laser Disc as my primary video source, but I am starting to fool around with my DVD player in my laptop. It will supposedly play ALL regional codes.

Herein lies my question. I just saw a DVD advertised on eBay that has a "0" region code (all regions) but is PAL formatted! HUH?!! I thought that DVD's were universally compatible with ANY broadcast standard, and it was the REGION CODE that set the broadcast standard (NTSC, PAL, SECAM). What's the deal, here?
nope. video formats are irrespective of regions. See the DVD FAQ and also this.. For example region 2 contains Japan, Western Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East. UK uses PAL while Japan uses NTSC. Same region code though.
Thanks for "learnin' me", Aroc. So essentially, the region codes are just for the a corporation's worldwide distribution rights (profits!) and have NOTHING to do with the broadcast standards! Boy that really SUCKS! Imagine if SACD's, CD's or Laser Discs had regional codes. Are there regional codes on DVD-A's? Ah, greed...makes the recording and movie monopolies go round and round!