DVD players with best image quality?

I am considering doing some switching around in my system and would be looking at picking up a new DVD player in the process if I did so. I currently have a Camelot Roundtable, which is certainly an excellent DVD player (not to mention it's top-notch sound). A couple of years back this was one of the top contenders in the DVD playback arena, but I'd imagine recent developments in players might lead me down a different road. I see current references to advanced 14 bit video DACs, etc. CD playback would not be an issue as I would be using seperate players and/or a DAC for Redbook. Price range I'd consider is pretty wide so, short of the mega-bucks players (Ayre, Esoteric, etc.), I'm open to any and all suggestions...top picks would go to something in the $500-1500 range though. Thanks in advance!
If CD playback is not an issue the Camelot Roundtable is still one of the best for video. Just my 0.02c.
Denon 3910
Try Linn Unidisk 1.1
I believe any of the Denon DVD Players that use the Silicon Image chip - such as the Denon 2200 and 2900, the more expensive 5900 also uses Silicon Image, as does the Camelot Roundtable (I think) that Fazoid mentioned. I believe the Arcam FMJ 27 uses the same SI chip.

The Denon 3910 uses the Faroudja 2310 chip -- and it is an incredible player as well.
If you raise your limit up 100.00, you can get the Onyo sp 1000 from an authorized dealer.
The sp 1000 has the best video/audio/build as well as the quickest reaction times and best qc records of any universal under 2.5k.

Iv'e owned both the 3910 and 5900 and can tell you like so many others, that the sp 1000 is superior in every regard to any Denon player.
There is a reveiw of the sp 1000 in this months Home theater choice whith its highest rating.

Heres a link to a German reveiw were they say its better than the Denons and the best they have ever seen.


Theres also a French reveiw that has the sp 1000 as the best among the Denons, Pioneer 59avi and Marantz 9500.

The sp 1000 cost around 5k U.S.in Europe.
Though it's well above your price range, check out the Arcam DV-29. The picture quality, particularly when using the HDMI connection, is incredible. You also could probably pick up a used DV-27 at a pretty good price, though it doesn't have the HDMI output. Even without it, though, the pic quality is outstanding.