DVD players with balanced audio outputs?

know of any players with XLR analog outputs?
lot's...some are Muse 9 sig, all the Wadia's, BAT VKD5, Mark Levinson, Krell...lot's more I'm sure others will list...
I was unaware that there were BAT, Wadia, Levinson, and Krell DVD players, I'll have to look into them. All kidding aside I think there is one out there, I am not sure who makes it but I recall looking for one myself a while back, I decided the best bet would be to have a sony 9000es modded and have a true balanced circuit installed at the same time, though I did not end up going that route it would work about the best for the money.
tireguy,you and i seem to think alike. in case you forgot, i have avalons with a bat tube amp just as you do. i was considering a 9000es for a good multi-format solution but i realized that it has no balanced outputs. i just spent some $$$ on XLR cables sooooo that sucks...

how does your system sound with SACD? maybe i could get XLR-RCA adapters until i can get the sony modified. how much do the mod-gods charge for that little service anyway? thanks.


p.s. i checked and the muse thalia does offer XLR outs...pretty pricey tho ($4500 list)
The only DVD player I know of is a Pioneer DV AX10 which has 2 XLR output for fron 2 channel, which also plays SACD and DVD Audio, I guess Theta might have one mostly all high end DVD transports only.
Hope this helps.
Hfman, I own a Theta DaViD, It's strictly a digital transport no analog outs. It does have an AES/EBU digital out however.
Don- I am actually using one of those abortion cables(RCA on one end and XLR on the other-though I am planning big time cable upgrades come spring) with OK results, not great though. I am going to audition everything I can get my claws on soon, and hopefully find something that will work good. To tell you the truth I am a little disappointed with SACD, it isn't that much better and in fact not as good as super good redbook recordings. Compound that with the price, and the weird looks you get every time you try to buy them, to me it isn't worth it....yet. I bought a new(to me) Digital pre/DAC and am using the 9000es strictly as a transport for the time, though I am still thinking of having it upgraded(with out the balanced circuit of course), I am not using any analog outputs from the player hence NO sacd at the moment. The DAC(s) in my pre will walk all over the 9000es DAC(s) in the sony, I am not writing SACD off for good yet, just putting it on the back burner. FWIW there is a good abortion cable out there made by Pure Note in the Epsilon line, I was thinking about getting it then I got the new pre, and it has balanced and single ended outputs so I mind as well bypass the need of using adaptors or wacky cables. It is a well known fact that those RCA->XLR adaptors degrade the sound, so that would be an absolute last resort for me. BTW what cables are you running?
my cables? about a month ago, i ordered 2 pairs of bear labs silver lightnings, which seemed like a good deal from the heresay. i actually haven't received them yet tho. :(
OOPS...I listed CD players...SORRY

However, The Muse 9 Signature is a DVD/CD player with XLR outs. I own it and like it with my BAT gear.

Sorry for the mis-info above!