DVD player with remote volume

Any suggestions for a decent DVD/CD player that has remote volume? I recall the the older Marantz CD players had this capability ane were decent performers. Looking for a similar type setup but with DVD.
OPPO 971 for $200. It has amazing video, even stock.


Does the Oppo have remote controlled variable volume control? I don't think so. I've never seen any reference to the Oppo having this feature.


I don't think there are many DVD players that have remote controlled variable volume. There wouldn't be much of a market for a player like that (I've been hoping for one too!). Most DVD players are going to be used in an HT system using a digital connection to an HT receiver, or they are going to be connected directly to a TV. In either case, there is no need for remote volume control.

Personally I would love to have a DVD player that also had excellent CD playback and remote variable volume control. I would connect it via digital output to my HT receiver and I would connect the analog outputs directly to my mono-block tube amps driving a pair of dedicate 2-channel speakers.

I thought the Cary DVD-6 might be the answer, but the techs from Cary told me the variable volume control wasn't "great" and that it probably wouldn't meet my needs. They said it was intended to be used more for level matching than for controlling volume in a "direct" setup.


Reubent: Yes, the OPPO 971 has a volume level control on the remote, pushing the + button takes it to a number of 20, (remember the movie "Spinal Tap" anyone, with the guitar amps that went to 11?), and pushing the - button takes it all the way down to 0, as seen on the screen in the lower left hand corner.

Buy one, you won't regret it.

Jack, that is good to know. Does it work with the L&R analog outputs or all audio outputs (digital coax, toslink, multi-channel analog outputs)?


Reubent: I don't know, I'm just using the 2 channel analog outs.

The EAD DVD MASTER 8000 and 8000pro have the volume control. All balanced and single ended outputs on all channels as well. Nice faceplate, too. I might know where you can get one, if you like. Boehlen electronics is upgrading and servicing these players as well.
MUSE has the option