DVD player with outstanding qualities for CD play?

Hi all,

I am looking for a DVD player that will have outstanding CD playback capabilities. My budget is $2230 (1860 EUR). Looking at my personal favorite manufacturers I was surprised to see that almost no one is manufacturing DVD players - and this is 8 years after the introduction of first DVD player!!!

What is happening? High-end manufacturer do not realize that this is a market need and an opportunity for them?

Anyway, for curiosity let me mention the company that I trust in audio field and I couldn't find, yet, a DVD player manufactured by them:
- Exposure
- Roksan
- Naim
- Xindak
- CR Developments
- TEAC (I was expecting at least TEAC to manufacture an all around player under $2230).

Well if you know something that I don't know - please let me know.
Onkyo DV-SP1000...believe it or not...
Second Arcam. The DV-29 is a TAD above your price range at 3k retail, but it's worth the stretch, IMO.
Wow, I heard and I like Ayre a LOT. But is way over my budget. IS $6000 !!! And I can barely afford $2200. Maybe some other time
Denon DVD-5910 (A1XV in Europe I think). It also has DVD-A, SACD, HDCD, and others.
Arcam should be on your list.

also, check out marantz
I agree Arcam is a winner!
i just got a demo dvd 6 by cary for 1200, you may get one for 1000, it was a great improvemnt on cd, very good picture. with hd coming, spend small now.
You can pick up a used Meridian 596 for about $1200 and SDI mod it for $400, making it a great DVD player AND a world-class CD player.