DVD player with excellent CD quality

I am looking for a DVD player which has excellent CD playback quality. I was going to purchase Marantz DV-18, but I've heard they skip lots of CDs. Any other suggestions? What about Sony 7700? Thanks
Not readily available Luxman 100 plays all formats of dvd all time zones, and excellent cd quality.
very hard to go wrong with the Sony. Stay away from the Denon models and the less expensive Pioneers. The Nakamichi DVD-10 is a definate sleeper. Great CD playback quality and outstanding DVD play.
Stay away from the Denon?? I guess you never heard a DVD5000 which is without a doubt one of the best players out there, both in audio and video performance. Read the reviews, I would suggest you listen for yourself as you are the best judge of what sounds good to you.
Muse model 8 Muse 296 DAC plays cd's better than any cd player I've heard to date except for the Linn 12. The dcs Elgar is tops also.
I own the Sony 7700. Originally purchased a demo 7000 thought I should have the new 7700 and took back the 7000. The 7700 is ok enough but the 7000 had much better cd playback, and I mean alot better. The 7000 lets you adjust screen colors and resolution for dvd. Which when you go back to cable you didn't have to mess up adjustments for regular tv. I prefered the 7000 and wish I would have kept it.
My Panasonic A-310 sounds pretty good.
Of the comments made, I definitely agree going with Muse. Also, look around the net for a Sony 7000 as jcraig suggests. However, I would suggest the Theta David or Carmen transports and a good dac. The only thing I don't like about the David is the remote, but I'll be changing that. It's built around a Pioneer mechanism. Good luck!
I am merely talking about the Denon reliabitlty. They do sound ok, but why spend the money on something that doesn't offer you top notch build quality when you are spending top notch money. I agree, read the reviews and you'll see what I mean (5000 especially).
Also check out Ayre's D-1. I didn't watch any movies with it, but listened to several CDs and a couple 24/96 DVDs. The 24/96 DVDs were astounding. Unfortunately, the entire system was new to me, not just a drop-in replacement into a system I was already familiar with -- but it sounded great. The whole system was the Ayre D1 DVD, K-1 pre, and a modified V-1 amp (an Ayre experiment to increase the capacatance in the V1 power supply), with Vandersteen speakers (can't remember the model number). Look at www.ayre.com/products/d1info.htm for more info on the DVD player.
Make sure you audition the California Audio Labs CAL-20. There are a few better CD players and/or transport/dac combos in the world...if bucks are not a problem and you wouln't mind shelling out about $8000+ of them. There are no better DVD players, that I know of, at any price. It's a pretty complete package for the money.
try the meridian 586. It smokes almost any cd player under 4 grand.
Like Carl, I also have the Panasonic A-310 that sounds pretty good even up against my Linn player. The A-310 does have a bad quality control record though. Luckily, no problems for me yet.
Sony 7000: bought it as a DVD player and junked the CD player when I discovered that the sound quality of the 7000 was much better. The 7000 received many components and design elements of the top of the line Sony CD players at the time and I hear this is not the case with any of the new Sony DVD players. Buy one used for $400/500 and you get a cheap CD player with the DVD thrown in for free!
Anybody out there own a Proceed MDT? Any feedback about this product? thanks
I have owned the Panasonic A-310, the Denon DVD-3000, the Sony DVP-7700 and now own the Pioneer DV-05. Of these the Pioneer definitely sounds the best, but it still nothing to rave about. I have a friend with the DCS set up with the Theta transport and the Pioneer DV-05. If I can A-B them this week I will give you all a report... Pioneer DV-09
I've owned the Denon-5000, the wadia 830, and the Sony XA7ES. The sony and wadia were very close, trailed by the Denon on sound quality. I had originally purchased the Denon as a cd and dvd player. I found the cd only units sounded better, and ended up selling the DVD because I didn't use it. I would say the sound quality was very good, but not as good. I found it hard to pay $20 for a DVD movie when I could record one off of my DirecTV satellite dish onto S-VHS and get close to the same quality. Then again, I don't even bother to hook my television up to my stereo.
I have both the Sony 7700 and the Marantz DV-18. The DV-18 is a better unit, both with DVD's and CD's. There is a firmware fix which takes care of the "skipping". It was most noticeable with the Matrix. Fix was applied under warranty. The DV-18 is a sweet unit. TRH
I really like my Toshiba SD3109. Very good sound and a HDCD decoder built it, all for under $400.It smokes all of the other cd players that I have owned. I looked at the Mitsubishi's, but found out that Toshiba makes Mitsubishi's for them. The on screen display and the real panel are identical. Why pay another $100 for a Mits.?
The Toshiba 3109 does not sound as good as a Philips 825. They both do not sound as good as a good CD player (Sony XA7,for example.) I was amazed to hear that how beautifully the Philips (a sub $200 DVD player) sounds.
pioneer dv-05 is first rate in every regard. have had one for about a year, no problems, no complaints.
Hello, I'm using an Andy Bartha modified Pioneer 525 DVD. It exhibits such excellent performance with my associated equipment that I have actually been able to enjoy listening to CDs even during those times when I have been DAC-less. Regards, Rick
What about the NAD T550 DVD/CD? Don't know much about it, but I hear they made it almost more for CD than DVD...http://nadelectronics.com/CD/T550.html