DVD Player with Component Video Switching?

Perhaps I'm getting old, but it seems to me a I read recently of a DVD player that had a component video input and switching capability.

I have a dilemma that I expect others share....my projector only has a single component input, and I'd like to make the leap to HDTV, but I don't want to have to scrap my current processor to get component video switching. Am I imagining this, or does such an animal really exist?
Rsuminsby, I have not seen any DVD player functioning as video switcher. However, if you need a HD switcher, below are links from HT forum.

Inexpensive HD switcher

HD-bandwidth switcher issue

Receiver with up conversion to component video - Yamaha RX-V1400. I have not kept track, but there are other manufacturers soon to release receivers w/ similar features.

Good luck.
I believe your answer is the Proceed PMDT with Progressive out. Check it out, I think it works for ONE unit.

For $159, this works pretty well for me: