DVD player with a silent transport??

I'm in the market for a new dvd player. I currently have a Pioneer Elite DV-05 which is a great player other than the noisy transport. I have an open style component rack and I have to sit quite close to the player so the noise can get very annoying. I really like Pioneer products and have been considering a used Elite DV-45A. I'm not too conserned about the redbook playback quality as I have an Arcam CD72T for that. My other thought was to sell both players and get a universal player like an Arcam DV89. Again a silent transport is very important.

Any suggestions would be seriously appreciated as all the choices are driving me crazy. Budget for the DVD player is about $300 used or for DVD/CD player is about $900 used.

Has anyone had any experience with the Pioneer elite 47A. Also, I am not all that interested in SACD or DVD-A and don't really want to pay the extra money for it. Any other suggestions?
The Sony 999ES is pretty quiet. Kind of a pain to load, though, due to the shallow tray.