DVD player, which to use for a cd transp

If anybody has had any experience using a DVD player as a transport for cd's I need help in picking one out and want to no if there are any sonic difference between them compared to a cdp used as a transport. Thanks!
Try Marantz DVD. While DV3100 or 4000 ($550 MSRP) have limited sound on its own, they should be OK as a transport for Mid-Fi. The reference series DV18 ($1200 MSRP) has incredible sound by itself using copper shielded HDAM and would be perfect transport for Hi-Fi system. Sure you can go up the price to get better sound, but at that point separate CD and DVD would make more sense.
I also use the Marantz DV18 as a transport, but only for 24/96 discs (I have a Forsell transport, which I like better for regular CDs). It worked fine as a CD transport, except that there were some discs that the Forsell would have no problem with but would skip occasionally on the Marantz. Don't know if this is a generic problem with DVD players vs. CD players.
The Sony DVD-S7700 works great as a CD transport - I use it that way, and many reviewers have glowingly complimented it's CD transport capabilities. It's a darn nice DVD player too.
I agree w/ Kthomas, the s-7700 is a good transport. I was in the same position trying to find the best of both worlds for less money. The Sony is a great DVD player, first and foremost. Separate CD players do sound better, but if you want one player now, buy the excellent DVD/ decent CD player (Sony) and save your money for a great CD player later.
I was using my Pioneer Elite DV05 with my Bel Canto DAC 1 before I sold the Bel Canto for the Electrocompaniet EMC1. I maybe wrong but I actually thought that only the Pioneer DVD players (aside from Theta Miles which also uses a pioneer transport, I think)really has a true 24/96 digital output and other players converts 96khz to 44khz even the Denon DVD5000 which I also used to own. The Pioneer players has an LED that will lit up once it is set to output 24/96. Soundstage has a review on the Bel Canto and Pioneer that mentions this. Again I maybe wrong. But just something to think about. Happy Hunting,
The Marantz units mentioned above have 24/96 coax digital data outputs, but you have to set it that way on a video monitor. Your memory is partially correct, as many DVD players would not send out a 24/96 signal, the prime exception being the Pioneer players. Mike Hobson at Classic compiled a list a while back (before the Marantz units referred to here came out) on which players had a true 24/96 output. I think you can find it at their website, in an earlier AudioFile.