When I bought my first DVD player I couldn't understand why it had a flimsy 2 prong removable power cord.
I asked around and the only solution was to have a modification done. This would have voided my warranty and would not be worth it, considering the rate at which I have changed DVD players. I also use my DVD player for analogue CD playback, so any improvent in sound quality is very important to me. I sent an email to Jim Wang of Harmonic Technology for advice on a different matter, and he mentioned that I might want to try his new 2 pin to IEC adapter. I ordered it, and at sixty dollars it solved my power cord dilemma. It uses the same single crystal materials as their other products and allows you to use any after market power cord you like. I tried the adapter with 3 different power cords: first, a Synergistic Research Master Coupler, then a Transparent Audio PC, then the Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11. There were significant improvements with all three cables, but the H. Tech cable worked best in my system. The Transparent was second, even though it cost 10 times as much! I gained a more detailed and transparent sound, more clearly defined pitch in the bass, and the musicians seemed to be two feet taller in my previously underwhelming soundstage. And lately, I seem to be enjoying watching movies without noticing any flaws. The color is a bit more natural. I thought to pass this on to the Audiogon members, as it could go a long way to improving their DVD experience. Just for the record, I am not associated with Harmonic Technology, only a satisfied customer. Jim sent me this list of companies that carry the adapter:
The Cable Company
Ambrosia Audio Video
Evolution Audio and Video
Digital Domain
Home Theater By Design
Signature Audio Ltd.
Advanced Home Theater Systems
The Sound Exchange
Audio Artisan
Hope this is helpful. Good listening and viewing to all, and to all a good day!
To be a little more specific about the change in video quality, I recently set up the DVD input section of my Toshiba 40X81 HDPTV with significantly lower contrast and brightness settings. Now I get really deep blacks, yet I can see as much detail (or more) than ever before.
Nothing else changed except the power cord and the H.Tech adapter.
Thanks bmpnyc! Does anyone know of any other (cheaper) 2 pin to IEC adapters, or is Harmon Tech the only game in town?
Monsterbill, as far as I know, this is it. Sooner or later i'm sure there will be others, but if you are bothering to change power cords in the first place you might as well use a good quality adapter.
I also use this adapter (also use my DVD player for both video and audio) and highly recommend it. I use a Cardas Golden power cord (which cost almost as much as my DVD player) into the adapter into my player, but was impressed to note that the HT adapter clearly allowed the differences of different power cords to be heard. I used a DIY cord, a Blue Circle cord and the Cardas and the differences were clearly audible through the adapter. I paid $45 and if anyone wants to e-mail me, I'm happy to direct them to the source. To the best of my knowledge, there's no cheaper adapter of its type available (there are more expensive apparently). I posted a review of the adapter at Audioasylum.
A fellow member of the NJ Audio Society made up some of these for me a while ago, as my crossovers and Meitner Amps have captive power cords. Using both his own power cords and the more expensive, all-out Full Spectrum cords, it made a big difference for the crossovers (which had a thin, lampcord type power cord), less so for the Meitners. Put one with my DVD player, and substantial sonic improvement, even though I only use that player as a transport. Also tried it out on my son's Marantz CD63, tremendous improvement. Think the cost was similar, maybe a bit less (bought some other items at the time as well, so the price was lumped together), although I'm not sure if he makes these adaptors normally. Ideally, you'd like to replace the existing cord with a hard-wired cord of your choice (though then you lose the fun of upgrades!), and it's probably not as good sonically as a straight IEC connection with your component, but certainly worthwhile in a situation such as bmpnyc's or mine, in my view.
Has anyone thought about wiring in a DIY power cord directly into one of those two pin plugs? It wouldn't be grounded, same as the HT adapater. Wouldn't this be as good?

Anyone know where to get those plugs?
Monsterbill, It would be different, not necessarily as good in the sense that the whole point of the adapter is to avoid modifications,and allow users to easily change power cords as their system and taste evolve.
I think what monsterbill is saying is that the cord would be attached to a female two-pin plug, which would then be plugged into the DVD player, thus avoiding any modifications to the player by making the modification to the powercord. You could still "evolve."

Monsterbill, it sounds like a good idea, if you can locate high-quality two-pin plugs.
Do these adapters fit all players?? I have a Pioneer DV-05, and the small cord plugs into a shaped jack in back...similar to a boombox jack.
Phild, I am 99.99% sure it will fit your DV-05. I had the DV-05 before upgrading to the DV-37 to gain progressive scan. Monsterbill, can you clarify a bit? There are a some very skilled DIY guys at AG (Redkiwi comes to mind), who have a lot more experience with this than I do. Perhaps they'll join in and help us out.
It would be even better if some companies offered a choice of a power cord already hard wired to a 2 pin plug, but I haven't noticed any harmful effects of chaining the adapter to the power cord yet.
Yep, jbirzin got it. I'm looking for a two-pin plug attach to the end of one of my Crump DIY cords. Couldn't cost more than a couple bucks, if I could get my hands on one. Any advice on how to get one? Mr. Redkiwi?
To the best of my knowledge, the female two pin end to attach at the DVD player is not available as a stand alone/purchase alone product. I became aware of this product by posting a query at Audioasylum and one of the members posted to let me know about it as I didn't want to perform major surgery on my DVD player. Bob Crump himself also posted a response suggesting that one could retain the two pin connection and a few inches of the stock cord and attach a female iec from Allied Electronics, essentially doing the same thing, but I figured I'd spring for the HT adapter-then if I ever sell the DVD player to upgrade, I've got the original cord to go with it. Plus a lot less work!
Sorry, on my post directly above, it would be an in-line MALE iec that you would attach to the stock, allowing connection of any aftermarket cord with a female iec connector, supposedly available from Allied if you want to go that route.
Thanks! Good enough for Crump=Good enough for me!
I tried out the in-line male IEC connector with my Magnum Dynalab FT101 tuner, but cutting all but a nub of the stock cable, and attaching the male IEC to the nub. With the Crump DIY cable, the results were fairly dramatic. Much stronger bass and dynamics, somewhat less noisy reception. Only complaint is that male voices seem chestier (mid-bass bloat).

I haven't gotten my DVD player yet, so I haven't had a chance to try out the upgrade with the DIY two prong to male IEC adapter. I did get contacted by a source for the two prong plugs, though: folks at vantageaudio.com apparently have a stock for about two bucks each. The plugs require soldering to attach a cord, and given the small size of the plug, this strikes me as slightly unsafe for DIY, but it would allow you to get around using an additional connector.