DVD player upgrade......

I recently have a Sony DVP-777ES 400 disc changer for my 5.1 home theater and have not yet upgraded to 1080P. Would say a Denon 3930CI or 5910CI be the best upgrade for the money???? I am running an Onkyo Pro SC-885 pre processor, Parasound HCA 2205A power amp(220x5), full Paradigm Signature S1's, C1, ADP's all in piano black, a SVS PB-13Ultra subwoofer(piano black). I am running all Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator bi-wired speaker wire, 3-T2's, T3, Precision AC, and Precision Reference RCA interconnects from Pre to amp, Quattro and QLS9 for my mpc active sheilding.I feel that the Sony being so old & outdated that it may be a weak link in my system. I am looking for more depth, dynamics, detail & soundstage to my movies. I am a 65% movie buff and 35% music. Any help would be appreciated!!!! THX

Regards Bacardi
Onkyo DV-SP1000 or Integra DPS-10.5. Both are built like tanks(26.7 lbs) and have very high quality DACS(audio and video) resulting in incredible sound and video. $2000.00 player on used market for $275.00 to $450.00. Videogon has a couple for sale right now.


There are currently three Onkyo's and one Integra for sale on the bay right now.

I bought mine off the bay a few weeks ago and could not be more pleased.

Here are some pictures of my Onkyo from the Klipsch forum.

I had always been a Denon fan. I bought the CI series and hated the UI. Returned it and got an Onkyo 905 and could not be happier! The price was right too.
Willland....the problem with the Integra's is they have no remote. Do you think that would be a problem to set up all the settings without it? I do have the Onkyo Pro SC-885 pre pro with a learning remote to put codes in but it might not have all the buttons......I did notice the specs on the denon 3930CI to be comparable to both Onkyo/Integra units for a little more money used. The Denon has better spec'd DAC's and processing chip. What would you suggest to me???

I guess I missed something in your post... Your pre/pro does an excellent job processing video and with digital inputs does a very good job with audio. So why would you use the analog audio outputs from a DVD player?

I would buy a solid Blu-ray player (like the current Panasonic models) and only use digital connections.

I don't see how either Denon unit you mention will get you anything.
I use my remote from my Onkyo TX-SR705 and unless I am missing something, it has all the functions I need except the resolution button. You could buy a remote from remotes.com or a similar website. Ebay has a couple of Onkyo's for sale. This one has the remote.

I have no experience with the Denon you mentioned, all I can tell you is the Onkyo/Integra players are very overbuilt and I am very happy with the performance.

Bob_reynolds....I don't use the analogue outs for music but the digital out for CD is not as good for music listening in the Sony. The Onkyo Pro 885 is known for its topnotch audio/video for movies but not for music. The Denon 3930CI or Integra DPS 10.5 would do better than my sony for music listening in analogue and digital. Would it not?

Isn't your pre/pro the "pro" version of the Integra DTC-9.8? If so, according to numerous sources it does a very good job with audio (music versus movies does not make any difference; it's still music) via its digital connections; less so via its analog connections.

Unless the Sony has a terrible digital output, e.g., lots of jitter, there's no reason to think that a Denon 3930CI or Integra DPS-10.5 would be any better via digital connection -- analog connections is likely a different matter.

I use the Integra DTC-9.8. It replaced a Bryston BP-26 and Benchmark DAC1. I have not been unhappy with it at all using HDMI from a Samsung Blu-ray player for movies. Now, I do use a NAD C545BEE CD player for music (digital coax connection), because the Blu-ray player has a terrible user interface for playing CDs. I bought the NAD because it has a transformer coupled digital output and a Repeat button on the front panel.

Before the NAD I was using a Denon DVD-3910 (check the listings), but put it up for sale simply because it's too big for my rack with the Blu-ray player. If you had a analog preamp, then by all means look for a better more expensive source. The Denon 3910 does analog audio very well and seems to have a good digital output. The Denon 3930 should be equally good with audio and better with video than the 3910.
Bob_reynolds....Yes the Onkyo Pro SC 885 is the "Onkyo" version of your Integra DTC-9.8. From looking at my Sony ES 400 disc it is very glitchy to find a movie & is getting rather a nuesance to find a particular movie in the file folder.....It is about 8 years old now and I have been re-configuring my system for the last year. I purchased new amp, the Onkyo, full 5 channel Paradigm Signature(piano black) speaker system, SVS PB13Ultra sub, S.R cords..etc, just new my HIFI Pyon Mythology Subwoofer stand for my SVS(Incredible). My Sony is silver and old. I changed my theme to black and piano gloss if & when possible. Until I decide to go 1080P/Blue Ray, wich would probably be a Pioneer BDP 09, I want to get a used/new decent topnotch single disc DVD player for my system for now....I researched the Integra 10.5($345-Ebay), a Denon 3930CI($500), or a Onkyo DPS 1000, but can't decide between the three which would mate with my system.....Can you help me decide with your expertise or make a recommendation.........I do want stellar audio/video for movies especially since I am about 75movie/25 music.....


Don't just take my word that the Onkyo/Integra players have stellar performance, look at these reviews:

Click on reviews.


I don't think you should wait until you have a 1080P display device to choose a Blu-ray player. Your pre/pro has the HQV Reon video processing chip so any decent Blu-ray player connected using HDMI will give you very good video for movies; especially standard def DVDs. Your pre/pro, like the Integra DTC-9.8, does audio quite well from digital sources so I'd look for a Blu-ray player that is easy to use.

I would use HDMI between the Blu-ray player and your pre/pro. Set the player to bitstream and your pre/pro will decode the audio formats. From the reviews I've read in Home Theater magazine, I would choose the Panasonic BD60. With your pre/pro I don't know of any reason to spend any more on a source component. Let the pre/pro do the work.

My current TV does not support 1080P (it's a 6 year old 32" Sony CRT which seems to support 1080i), but standard DVDs look so much better from the Samsung Blu-ray player through the Integra DTC-9.8 compared to the Denon 3910 directly to the TV. The Reon video processing is very good.

The only reason I would use one of the older Denon DVD players like the 3910 or 3930 is if I had to use their analog outputs, which are quite good, to an analog preamp.

I hope this helps.

BTW, you've made some excellent speaker choices; it should be a killer system.

If you don't already have HDMI cables, I can recommend theBJC Belden Series-F2 small gage cable from Blue Jeans cable.
I misunderstood your post. I thought you were wanting to upgrade your AVR, not your player. I love (and own) Denon Universal players (DVD 5900).
I would recommend you look into the Oppo BDP 83. There are a ton of reviews on the web. I am surprised that no one has mentioned this yet. Its probably the best DVD player (superb upconversion) for the price. Yet, it is also a bluray/SACD/DVD-A player. It does bitstream DTS-MA and Dolby Ditital HD via HDMI, all for $499 brand new direct. I currently have the unit hooked up to my Onkyo PR SC886 and it is a great match.

Good luck,

Thx Kenobi....I appreciate the recommendation. I will research the Oppo BDP 83......I was hoping to pick up a Pioneer BDP 09 used online. What do you think of that player??

Unless you need SACD, the Oppo Blu-ray player does nothing more for you (with your pre/pro) than the entry Panasonic model (that's why I didn't mention it).

For video processing it basically comes down to HQV Reon (or Realta) and Anchor Bay chips. The processor in the latest Panasonic BR players now pass the video benchmark tests. Since your pre/pro has the HQV Reon video processor, the quality of the video processing in the player isn't much of an issue.

Here's a review of the Oppo: http://hometheatermag.com/discplayers/oppo_bdp-83_universal_blu-ray_player/. If the price isn't an issue, buy it. You can save $$$ without any loss of performance with other players. I'd let user interface guide your decision.
Hi Bacardi,

Without first hand experience but based on what I have gathered, the Pioneer BDP 09 should be a step up from the Oppo unit and rightfully so for the price. If you can get one for a nice price, more power to you. There's currently a new one for $1650 on Agon.

For the price though, I don't think there's anything out there that can touch the Oppo. And it's not that painful to let it go when the time comes for a replacement in the future. Their service and support is top-notch as well.