DVD player that doubles as good transport $800

My Sony 7000 DVD player is slowly dying. It is used to play DVDs in my HT system, but more importantly, is the transport for my 2-channel audio system (Tact 2.2x, Modwright P-3A, Gamut D200, Talon Khorus).

I'm looking for a replacement that will be (first) a good transport and also play DVDs well. Under $800. My TV is not HD (yet) but will get a projector sometime in the future.

Have considered the Sony 7700 or 9000 or 999, but these have the chroma bug. But if they're the best transport options I can put up with it, maybe. What about the transport abilities of the Philips 963 or Denon 2900/3800? The Panasonic XP-50 is said to have the best progressive picture, but as transport?

SACD or DVD-A less important since I use digital out for both HT and 2-channel (using Argent Jaden RCA and Illuminati XLR digital cables). New or used. Don't want to spend too much with HD DVD players approaching the horizon.
I was going thru something quite similar not too long ago.
After thinking thru my options and priorities, I chose
to purchase a Philips 963 here on AG. I have been pleased.
In my experience, all of the positive things that have been
said ring true. Very good DVD player, and for me my first
taste of SACD. I haven't tried the unit as a redbook player
as my Transport/DAC combination remains in place :o).
For the modest cost, I have been tickled pink. Depending
of course on your priorities, I don't see how you could go wrong.
the best transport/dvd player is the Toshiba SD9200..I have one in my home theater system & in the market to purchase another for my audio system..it weighs a healthy
23lbs unboxed. no body's makin cd transports like they used to...most companies are nowadays using either a sony or pioneer laser assembly since philips can't be trusted anymore..some companies are having their own manufactured which in turn doubles the price but not twice as good as the fore mentioned. so quality difference to price difference is lagging too far behind to be worth the jump.
good luck!! it's becoming the world of the throwaways now!