DVD player recommendation under $1K

I am looking to add a DVD player to a new HT system under construction. My sound processor is a Yamaha RX Z9. I will be using RCA terminated interconnect cables. Balanced XLR type connectors and HDMI cables are not an option as the Yamaha receiver does not provide for them. I would like to spend up to about $1,000. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Oppo HD981 for $229. at Amazon.com including shipping. They are amazing DVD and universal players. Check the reviews.
You can run the Oppo via the provided HDMI cable directly to your HDTV and also run RCA left and right cables from the Oppo to your receiver. That way you get the absolute best picture and audio.
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Thanks for your recommnendations. I will look into these three players.
I would go with a 2nd hand Sony DV 9100. Probably about $500, solid construction, very good SACD sound, not bad CD sound either.
Chayro is right. The Sony is pretty good for redbook, comparable to any cdp under a grand.