DVD player recomendations

Ok I have a good one for fellow "goners" I have a Pioneer DV 414 dvd player that is probably close to 5 years old and looking to upgrade.My budget is somewhere around $5-700.00 and I am willing to bump it up to $1000 if the difference will be dramatic enough.I actually would prefer buying used to make my dollar go further.I am after a dvd player that will"smoke the doors" on my 414 in audio and video.SACD is not a important option or the DVI for that matter.If I can get some recomendations to get me started in the right direction,would be a great help.
a used cal 2500 could fit the bill
Keep em` coming gang,its appreciated.
Take a look at the EAD theatervisionp.
The redbook cd is great and the picture is almost 3d looking.
yo. Pioneer Elite DV-47ai. I just bought one used for $550 and it literally SMOKES my old Sony player (duh), as well as a couple of Elite players i have demo'd. For what i paid for mine, its almost unbeatable. Have heard great things about the Marantz Uni player, but have not personally demoed. Background detail in images is amazing, and everything is upconverted to 540i or p, depending on your choice - i use the 540i simply cause my TV is not progressive ready. Audio performance, at least in my own very humble opinion is pretty damn good. Good Luck.