DVD player recomendations

Ok I have a good one for fellow "goners" I have a Pioneer DV 414 dvd player that is probably close to 5 years old and looking to upgrade.My budget is somewhere around $5-700.00 and I am willing to bump it up to $1000 if the difference will be dramatic enough.I actually would prefer buying used to make my dollar go further.I am after a dvd player that will"smoke the doors" on my 414 in audio and video.SACD is not a important option or the DVI for that matter.If I can get some recomendations to get me started in the right direction,would be a great help.
Hello Timperry,

I was using a Pioneer DVC-36 5 disc carousel when I upgraded to the Sony 999ES and I have not looked back. I compared it to some fine players, Camelot and the Sony 9000, to name just two, and I think that, for video, it is as good as any. I would not know what the sound is like for CDs because I use a separate, dedicated CD player for my 2 channel consumption. I would put the 999ES on the short list. Good luck and happy hunting.......John
a used cal 2500 could fit the bill
Keep em` coming gang,its appreciated.
Take a look at the EAD theatervisionp.
The redbook cd is great and the picture is almost 3d looking.
yo. Pioneer Elite DV-47ai. I just bought one used for $550 and it literally SMOKES my old Sony player (duh), as well as a couple of Elite players i have demo'd. For what i paid for mine, its almost unbeatable. Have heard great things about the Marantz Uni player, but have not personally demoed. Background detail in images is amazing, and everything is upconverted to 540i or p, depending on your choice - i use the 540i simply cause my TV is not progressive ready. Audio performance, at least in my own very humble opinion is pretty damn good. Good Luck.
I don't think that you are going to find a one-box solution to your quest. I would recommend you spend a little time at hometheaterhifi.com. This would give you a great course in video quality and analysis. They review many dvd players. Sad to say, but the high end dvd players do not put out the best picture. You therefore must compromise other aspects in order to obtain great video.
I also think that the processors used for video keep improving at a faster rate than audio. An even slightly newer dvd player will exhibit better performance than a slighlty older one
Samsung Pro 1000HD, I have not seen a player that does a better job. Should be around 1000.00 if you can find one used.
Any Denon player that uses the Silicon Image chip -- the video quality is
superb and the audio is also good. The Denon's always kick tail on the Home Theater DVD shootout.
Hello Timperry
I have the Marantz DV12S1... great unit... You can find used units on Audiogon for 800-1000,$2700 when it was new. I had "Sony Something" then a Marantz DV7100... then the DV12. Excellent bass !!!!!!! Plays CD's well for that matter. Picture is the best of the 3 I've had...and is DVD Audio capable .. Good Luck !!!!!
Arcam would be my pick, audio-wise. The Denon 2200 is also worth looking at (on the bargain end), and even though you don't NEED SACD, you might want to check out the Sony DVP-NS999ES.

Would go with the Arcam FMJ unit, however the Cal Audio 2500 is right at the top as well. Frankly I have a lot of trust in Widesceen review and the following DVD players are currently be utilized in this months "reference systems"

Denon THX Ultra DVD9000
Sony DVP S7700
Arcam DV 27A
California Audio Labs CL-2500
Sony DVP-S9000ES

Don't think you'd go wrong with any of the above
Despite my respect for the Arcam unit(s), I recently had a JVC player fail on me, and I am getting an exchange refund from J & R, so I opted for the Denon 5900 (J & R don't sell Arcam). I had them send it straight to Dan Wright at ModWright, so I am looking forward to my modded unit to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have not heard any of Dan's products, so I am taking somewhat of a gamble, but after reading all the reviews, studying what is being modded, and talking with Dan, I feel very confident that I will have myself a top notch universal player.
I have a first generation Sony DVP 3000. I have been having problems reading discs as of late. I tore it apart and cleaned everything. I have assumed that it is having problems with newer discs as all of my old original discs work fine. I have just ordered a open box Pioneer Elite DV-37 for $200. I will let you know how it works out
Sadly the consensus is that Pioneer players are not the best for video. I echo Tom's recommendations.
I don't know about that comment but, I will tell you this. The DV37 arrived today. I am pretty disappointed. The build quality is plain crap. This is the first piece of Pioneer equipment I have ever purchased. This is the Elite series? What garbage. I think my kids Daewoo is built better than this. I guess I will avoid Pioneer stuff from now on.
It is surely a later model than my Sony3000. But the picture and sound quality are not any better. Looks like I get back to work on the Sony.