dvd player plus d/a/c OR dedicated cd

i currently have a nice ht set up that i use for mostly music. due
to space constraints, i have to use this set up for both music
and ht.
-nad t751 receiver
-monitor audio bronze speakers
-denon dvm-1800 5 disc dvd player

from what i understand, dvd players are not the best for music
playback so i am considering adjusting my set-up. here are my
-keep the dvm-1800 and shut up!!!....... cost $0.00

-keep the denon and add a seperate outboard dac processor to
the denon for music playback. i have seen rave reviews for some
really nice inexpensive dacs like the adcom gda-600 that could
be had for around $200-250.........cost $200-250

-sell denon and pick up the nad 515 multi disc cd changer(only
cd player under $2000 to make the stereophile product of the
year) and a cheaper single disc dvd player for movies
(recommendations????).................cost $200

multi-disc capability is important to me.
of course, i will listen before buying but i am
interested in hearing what you have to say.
Get a Resolution Audio CD-55 and be happy for a change!
thanks for the advice. unfortunately, that player is $3000 and only a single disc unit. im sure it performs wonderfully but it is way out of my price range.
i think to make a real jump in sound quality you will need to spend some money. had the 515; upgraded to cal 15...night and day difference. i have heard the old rega is good and arround 400$ cals are in the 800$ range. do not know that you would gain a great deal of sound quality due to other componets. please do not take this as a negative. i still have an nad 3020 in another system. just do not want you to think a great dac or cd player will make all the difference. it a step by step process or addiction. good luck.
that makes sense. what would you recommend as a first step in the process of improving music.
DAC definately. Especially if you need a "changer". Forget buying a better quality CD changer. Keep the one you got. I see the MSBIII DAC being sold for $300. You should be able to get an MSBII for about $200. You will hear a substantial improvment and you should be ahead of the guy with the CAL... but you need a digital cable. This is the most efficient way to improve your system for music. To get a better source than this (or as you probably know for a substantial amp or speaker upgrade than the NAD or Monitor) you would have to lay out over a G. That's old man talk for $1K.
believe it or not, although im a "youngster", i understand "over a g" (1 dime, one long or g-wiz would have also been appropriate!!!) anyway, i do have a fantastic digital cable, it is hand made by a blind audiophile that i know and has a solid pure silver core. i think i will go ahead and upgrade to a seperate dac, the msb model does sound enticing at that price point but i wonder if anyone else has had good experiences with other similarly priced dac's. thanks again for all of your help