dvd player or pioneer cdp for transport?

Thanks to all who gave me some insight on the dvd players for use as a transport. Now I have the chance to get a pioneer PD-65 cdp and use it as a transport but I would like to know if anybody thinks that the dvd's have better laser mechinisms than this pioneer? I know they discontinued the pioneer. Thanks,
I have a Pioneer Elite DVD-09 DVD player, and was using as a CD transport and a pretty good one too. But not question, a friend of mine brought over his beautiful Pioneer Elite PD-S95 (Dedicated CD Transport) and there was no comparison. The PD-S95 is the only dedicated transport that they ever built. It's beautful and just opened up the soundstage and resolution when compared to the DVD-09. The PD-S95 smoked the DVD-09 on every aspect of sound and build quality too. I offered him my DVD-09 plus a lot of money and he would not accept my offer. So forget about the PD-65, help me try to find a PD-S95.
Get a first generation Sony S-7000 DVD player. In 1997, it was arguably the world's best sounding transport, read the review of this on planethifi.com. It has benn replaced by the S-7700, with DTS and 24/96 khz. But it's still an awsome transport. Regards, Mike