Dvd player or C D transport with a DAC ?

Dollar for dollar,I have heard that a DVD player transport used with a DAC will out perform a CD transport and that the best CD transports can outperform the best DVD players used as a transport at considerable more cost.

I am considering replacing my Cal Audio Delta transport with a Denon DVD 1200 player($420).Any feedback from those that have compared the 2 formats as a transport.Thanks !
To be honest with you, I've always heard it the other way around - that DVD players are notoriously bad transports. However, that's not to say there aren't great DVD players out there that can hold their own... but they're usually very pricey in comparison to audio only transports.

I've had a Theta Jade (audio only) transport in my system that was amazing. My current Marantz DV-12S1 DVD-Audio player, though newer and pricier, when new, still does not come too close to the Theta for redbook playback. The only DVD player I've had that was 'maybe' comparable was my then $5000 Faroudja DVD player. But at that point, it was only a toss up.

If what you're looking for is a DVD player (to add video to your system) that can also function as an audiophile-caliber audio transport, then I'd look at the Thetas (Carmen, David, I & II's, etc.), Cal Audio 2500 and the like. You'll get close to the best of both worlds. However, now you're looking at $900+.

To be honest with you, IMHO, Denon simply isn't in the same league. Your Cal transport will probably best most DVD players under $1000.

Hope this helps.