DVD Player of choice for $200-300 range.

I'm not into Home Theater per say. Most of my money has been going into upgrading my 2-channel system. But I would like to a least start out by getting a good DVD player. This would be for watching movies only and not hooked into my audio system. My wife bought me The "Buena Vista Social Club" on DVD. I think she's trying to give me a hint. Any thoughts?
Look into the Sony DVP-S530-550. They are a little bit more, but still under $400. I have a friend with a 530, and if you are not in to theater, you wont have much of a problem. It has composite, component, and S-video outputs, and it also has coaxial and toslink digital outs. Good Luck.
just bought a dvd player last weekend. ended up with a toshiba. i think the model is sd2200. paid $300 for it at best buy. it has every input and output you can think of, 2 disc trays,and a hdcd converter for audio, i'm very happy with it.
The Sony DVP-S530 is the best choice in this area. I have a mint one for sale if your are interested. Even if you aren't interested it is stil the best here.
I think Pioneer is the way to go even if it isn't the Elite series. The DV-525 is well rated and has I think has a better picture than the Sony. The price is right at $250 or less!
Hi I second the vote for the Toshiba SD2200 this is the same player as the SD3100 It has all the outputs you need HDCD decodeing a Good user interface and even has expanded Black level The remote is also easer to use than the small button Pioneer remote,This might not seem that big of deal now but wait till the lights are off and you have to hit pause If on the other hand you have a full function learning remote with your system it doesnt matter Cheers RLA
I bought the Toshiba 3109 for 239.00 at egghead.com. It is about the same as the 2200 only it has two trays. Don't laugh I use this feature. Although it does have hdcd....I wouldnt rank it with one of the better cd players.....however it is quite good. I had a Sony 7000 and guess what........... the picture on the Toshiba is better. That's correct. The Sony is built better but so what it doesnt do anything better. At this price i am a very happy camper. As a matter of fact the picture rated only one point out of a hundred worse than the best Pioneer that cost five times more. You would not be sorry> Or you could just sell that dvd.
Try the Toshiba 2109. It is being discontinued, I understand and you might actually be able to scoop it up for under $200. it's a great play for a cheapo one. Sound is decent and blacks are black. real improvement if you use the component outs which this player has.
The Pioneer 434 progressive scan model should be out by now for around $299 street. Elbert
how about the pioneer dv-535 DD/DTS playe CD-R as well karaoke function...not that you need it.