DVD Player & my DAC

I would like to purchase a DVD player so that I may be able to play 24/96 discs. Presently I own a MSB Link DAC III and would like to know if used with a DVD player would I be able to get true 24/96 audio using this set up? My hunch says no but I would like a confirmation on this hunch.
I think technics makes one that can feed 96K. There are a few models, such as the sony 7700 that can be modified by msb for around 385. See msb's web site. I know that most dvd players will use 96khz into their own internal dacs, but downsample to 44khz for digital output.
The ability of a DVD player to allow digital output of 96 kHz material is specific to the disc. If a copy protection system (such as CSS) is utilized, then the player will either disable the S/PDIF (IEC 958) output or invoke a degrading routine (the limits are 48 kHz - 16 bit). No DVD player (or transport) will ever do a non-integer conversion as stated above by John_1 (96 kHz to 44.1 kHz). There is no necessity to pay for a "modification" as most modern DVD players follow this scheme. In the case of copy-protected material, a protected interface is required (one that supports encryption) such as Universal I2S. This would of course require that you utilize a more sophisticated converter that also supports these higher performance interfaces. Kevin Halverson
This is what I am talking about. http://www.msbtech.com/upgrades/96-24up.html
Several DVD players output 24/96. My Pioneer Elite DV-05 does so. There are a couple of things, minimum, to consider. First, one must usually configure the player to output 96k. The default is 48k. Secondly, many audiophile recordings are marked 24/96. Unfortunately, they are recorded at that bit/sample rate. They output the standard 16/44.1 in most cases. The MSB, by the way, will pass 24/96 in its' stock form.
I figure Martice is talking about the Chesky/Classic music 24/96 discs,etc. None of the budget dvd player will handle this,but lots of the more upcsale players do.
You're absoulutely right George. However, I did find that the Sony 560D does pass true 24/96 audio but only if the DVD allows it. Thanks
Pioneer 333 will pass 24/96 audio via spdif. Great unit considering it's $200 price tag.
Just spoke to andy bartha about the upgrade he does to the pioneer dv-525 which makes it a much better stand alone cd player. He recommends still using it with the msb link dac III but that's where a problem comes in. If you use the 525 coaxial digital output to the link-dac, you're only left with analog out to the processor and that only yields dolby prologic, not digital. Anybody have experience with this? Is there a remedy besides bagging the dac and/or getting a dedicated (cheap) dvd for dolby digital?
I have Pioneer Elite 09.I find the music dvds such as Hell Frezes Over and the like, to sound best NOT going thru the processor.So,I reach around and change the dig. cable "to and from" location.
Hi there...I have a dvd player that has ability to play the 24/96 cds but only will sqirt the signal out in analog stereo outputs. This is okay with me but where are you finding the 24/96 recorded discs? I have not yet walked this path.