DVD player in Home theater systems

What should be kept in mind while purchasing a DVD palyer for a home theater system.

I have heard the following:

1) DVD player shoud he the best quality in all the components.
2) The power cord to the DVD player should be the highest quality.

So this make the DVD player the weakest link.

Comments please
Just make sure at least it has Progressive Scan if you have a large modern TV. If you're buying new, then it will.
It has progressive scan as well as HDMI component. My TV just has DVI, so will have to get a converter.
If you want one do it all. Look for a universal player which does dvd-audio and sacd, has a hdmi connection for when you will want to use that. Has a very good video section and audio section. The Denon 2910 comes to mind.
I am going for the T+A SADV 1245 R HD. This does every thing. I am hoping that it will do a good job on Audio 2 channels.
I strongly suggest that you look at the Esoteric DV50S. I previously had the Proceed PMDT which was excellent for both audio and video when it worked. Was sent a Lexicon RT10 as a replacement (they no longer repair transports in PMDT) Hence, I began my search for the best Universal player in the $4,000-$6,000 range. I looked at damn near everything on the market (Linn, Meridan, Ayre, Denon, etc.) The Esoteric unit is fantastic in SACD, DVD Audio Playback, Wonderful imaging with Video (using HDMI/DVI) and a solid red book cd player. I love the unit and have been having a blast with it IMHO.