DVD player for Response OneSC

Hi, I am looking for a budget DVD player (since I spent most if not all on speaker, amp etc. already) for my system. I am using ProAc Response One SC with Audiolab 8000S and MIT Terminator 4 for cabling. On my short list are Sony7700, Marantz DV18 or 7000 (used). Any suggestions are welcomed!! Thank you very much Regards,
I just picked up a pair of ProAc 1sc's and they sound very good using a Micromega Stage 6 or Stage 2. I have both and they sounds equally as good. The Stage 2 can be purchased used for around $300 - $350. Very pleased with performance and appearance. Other equipment Krell Power Amp, Cary Pre Amp.
RCA 5223P DVD Player. I use an Audiolab 8000A with a Cardas Golden Power Cord on it and Elipson 1313 (French) Speakers. This RCA player is last years model (if you can find it new, it'll probably be discounted, possibly into the $200 range) and I won't comment on any other RCA players as the newer players appear to have "tru-sound" and other gimmicky sound stuff going on. Had this player for 9 months before I seriously compared sound quality with my Arcam Alpha 8SE as I assumed the Arcam would trounce it. I was wrong and sold the Arcam used about a month ago for twice what I paid for the RCA-the RCA player runs circles around the Arcam for audio only and plays movies well too. I posted a full review of the RCA player's sonic characteristics at www.audioasylum.com under cd player reviews if you want to read all the details. Good luck.
I own Response OneSC's and a Denon DVD front end. The model is a DVD-2500 and I am quite pleased with it. If you can afford to wait go for the top of the line Denon(big bucks but worth it). The Denon has never let me down. I use a Classe'5 pre and Classe'70 power, this combo works good but i wouldn't mind more power. Good Luck