DVD player for CD and HT, optical or analog

Hi, I guess I am needing an education in DAC(is this a number like s/n ratio) and also the pros and cons to optical and analog connenctions. On a previous post I found that my optical connection may be hurting my CD sound and realism. I am unhappy with my clarity and CD sound so I need to do something. I use my dvd player for cds right now. I run a Kenwood DTS receiver, klipsch kg4s, klipsch surrounds, and a velodyne sub. Oh and a panasonic dvd player. I have a Denon 2802 on the way to help with the clarity, but still wondering if this will cure any of this problem. Thanks
I find that an analog connection between my DVD player and reciever works best for listening to CD's.

You also may want to try a glass fiber toslink cable. You have to hunt around for one though. Glass has much higher bandwidth than the plastic fiber used in virtually all consumer toslink IC's.

I use coax myself but I have heard from others who say switching from plastic fiber toslink to glass fiber toslink made all the difference.