DVD Player between 1K-2K

My next upgrade is going to be my DVD player. My needs are HDMI out on the player. The best 2 channel playback possible,and the best video quality possible. My budget will be at least 1K possibly up to 2K. I'm open to possibly modding it in the event the total cost falls into the stated budget. Some initial ideas are a modded Denon 2910 or a stock 3910. I want the most bang for my buck-so I'm very open to used gear. Any suggestions????
OPPO 971 for $200. Stock it has amazing video and above average audio.

Do a google search. There has been plenty of chatter about the little OPPO.

I have a stock Denon 3910 which is very a good in video and so so in audio. If I were you, I'd buy a very highly rated Oppo player for $200 for video playback. Find a used Sony dvp-ns900V and send it to TRL for the mod. This way you get the best of both worlds.
BTW- I left out that I wanted a universal machine with my above post. Thanks
I will be interested to know the audio section of the OPPO. Is it as good as say Denon 2910 or better? Folks that have purchased this unit what is your take comparing with the other brands/models you have owned and familiar with. I know about the outstanding quality of the Video but what about the Audio?
May i humbly suggest my Exemplar 2900 for sale. Take it with a grain of salt but a great universal player that has great reviews. I bought it a year ago for $4000 and would sell it for 2. Just a thought...