DVD player better than MSB?

First off I hope this gets posted under digital, anyways, I have a MSB dac link 3, audio refinement complete amp and Martin Logan Aerius speakers with nordost wiring. I just bought a large screen tv along with a Toshiba 5700 DVD player and guess what it sounds better than my MSB,is there an outboard dac that equals a dvd player since I have a sony 300 disc player i really don't want to get off the couch every time.any suggestions thanks Nick
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Didja try adding a Monarchy 24/96 DIP? You weren't clear as to what sounded better between your Toshiba using its internal DAC versus the MSB. In any case, jitter would be the primary culprit. Keep what you have, get a Monarchy 24/96 DIP for $150, and get a Powerbase for $225 for your Link while you're at it.
I agree that adding the P1000 power base is a big upgrade. It costs as much as the Link DAC and really adds weight and authority to the sound, along with a quieter background. There are some third party power supplies for the MSB also.

It would also be worth your while to spend $250 for Stan Warren or Dan Wright modify your Link DAC into something worth keeping for a long time.


I have the EVS Millennium II DAC. It is very good. My Toshiba 4700 DVD is better than my $800 Pioneer Elite PD-65, and stands up well to the EVS. EVS is better in every way though. I don't care what I read..just what my ears "say". Also, the Toshiba 4700(I bet 5700) makes just a fine transport. I have noticed an improvement in sound when shutting off the LED display via the remote dimmer switch. You might want to try this. At 7lbs it shouldn't be better than my ~20lb Poineer as even transport ...but it is.

I agree with the jitter thing, a good digital cable will reduce jitter. I have found it has a more profound effect than even changing the DAC/CD player in many situations. I was shocked to discover this unfortunate fact. The Pioneer was better than the EVS with a bad cable!
If you're interested in DAC's you might want to investigate the ART DIO (sic?) or the Channel Islands DAC. They seem to be the budget dacs du jour.