DVD Player, Better Sound?

I have a Technics CD Player from 1986, I'm using a Luxman
Int Amp with Snell Type E2 Speakers. A Salesman at Tweeter
in NY told me if I use my DVD Player CD's will sound a
lot better. Speakers are in the shop so I can't check it,
what can I expect? Thanks for the help (Old Guy New to
It depends on the DVD player but I am going to make an educated guess that if your DVD player is new (say within the past 2 years) it will definetly sound better. Cd tehcnology has come along way since 86. If you where using a much higher end player from 86 I would not be so sure. Hope that helps.
I agree with Drhst20. I recently went from a mid-80's Marantz CDP to a more recent, last 3 years, CDP with a tubed analog stage. The difference was huge. There are some very good all digital units out there today. I don't think that DVD is anything special, but a technology update is worth it.
I agree with Drhst20. There is an interesting review by John Atkinson, I believe, in this month's Stereophile where he compared a cheap DVD player to a high end CD player, and found it listenable and, while no match for the high-end player overall, still a good performer. I myself substituted a Sony DVD player for an old, late 80's Sony CD player in a friend's system, and found the DVD player much better. I think it's more a matter of better digital circuitry compared with what was available at the price point in the 80's than anything else.
I found my DVD player to sound alot better than my CD player. The DVD player sounds better because it has better Digital to analog converters in the player as opposed to my CD player.
Does "Tweeter" have money back return policy?If they do buy it,if you don`t like it take it back.
Some dealers have a demo check out policy. Where they let you take a demo home for a couple of days or so.It is written up as a sale and cancelled when the item is returned See if "Tweeter" does.
It depends on the DVD player, but it will probably be better than any '86 CD player. Early mass market CD players (from the 80's) were almost universally terrible. Also, it really took until about '95 or so before audio companies started to really get a handle on jitter distortion and how to deal with it. This is especially true for lower priced units.

Not all newer DVD players will give good sound. I recently sold my "good" DVD player, a Denon DVD-2900 to make some money. I was intending to use my Panasonic DVD/Hard Disk Drive Player/Recorder (model DMR-E80H - a 2003 model) to play all music and DVD's in my downgraded system. What a mistake that was! The sound was TERRIBLE.

Luckily I had my old JVC DVD player (model XV-D2000 from 1997) sitting in storage. The sound from this unit is STILL incredible. This JVC was a second generation player - the first generation being the very first DVD players sold in this country. It was specifically designed to play music CD's well: it has separate video and digital circuitry and power supplies as well as anti-jitter circuitry. It sounded much better than a very well reviewed mid 90's Rotel CD player when I did a comparason. It also does better in some respects than the Denon DVD-2900. JVC stopped making quality units like this soon after I bought this one, or more likely, just stopped selling such quality units in the U.S. market.