DVD player as the best transport to use with DAC?

On the Bel Canto website, in the FAQ section for the DAC 2, there is a blurb about the theoretical benefits of using a DVD player as the transport mechanism for an outboard, upsampling DAC. Does anyone have any experience to back up the claim that a DVD player may be a better transport for an outboard upsampling DAC' than a regular CD player?
I can't state that using a DVD player as a CD transport will necessarily outperform a good CD deck, but I can tell you that I use my Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD player as a CD transport and think it does an outstanding job. Others who post on this forum have expressed similar opinions about their DV-37's.
If you are going to go that route, you can find a DVD player that simply outputs 24 / 96 from the digital output. While many brands are now touting 24 / 96 and even 24 / 192 operation, what comes out of their digital output may be quite different. As such, i would check into that. I do know that Pioneer's are one of the few that will actually output a 24 bit signal out of the digital. The sampling rate is typically selectable between 48 Khz and 96 Khz on their models also.

My brother is currently running a Pioneer that is rated for 24 / 192 operation. He started off using the internal DAC's and then he switched over to his Millennium 1A DAC, which is capable of 24 / 96 operation according to the manufacturer. There was no comparison. The difference was obvious within the first 10 seconds of listening. The Millennium killed the Pioneer, as it should.

I know others that have used modified Pioneers as a stand alone player and as transports. Most have been happy with the results but others had several unpleasant comments to make about them. As such, pick a model that you think will suffice, do some research on it and make your decision based on those findings. Sean
I have a Bel Canto DAC-1 and they said the same about it. I compared a Pioneer DV-414 and a CAL Delta transport. They were very different in my system! With the Pioneer there was a very large but unfocused sound stage that was well out in front of the speakers. With the CAL Delta the sound stage was smaller but better focused. It was not out in front of the speakers and the tonal balance seemed more correct. -- If I remember correctly, the Bel Canto site also suggested that using toslink had some advantage (sub sonic filtering as I remember) over coax between the transport and the DAC. I tried this as well but I prefer coax cable. -- Zero for two was my experience in my system with the particular decks and cables on hand. As is so often recommended by Agoners, I'd suggest that you do what you can to try before you buy.
Related - Some DVD players have one laser head for DVD and one for CD. Can anyone say if or why this is desirable? I'm seriously considering a going to a DVD megachanger and DAC.
I'm pretty sure the DVD as transport recommendation applies to Bel Canto's particular design (used with toslink cable). DVD players don't make bad transports, but I prefer my old CDP's to my Pioneer DV-05 (used with my EVS Millenium DAC2).
Here is my response to a similar question that was recently posted on AA (you may want to do a search on the AA Digital Drive, since one member called BC and had some interesting comments):

"I originally paired the Bel Canto with a Pioneer 525 DVD player and Toslink based on the standard recommendation from from BC. Not bad, but there was no question that using Coax was better, even pretty good (I use Acoustic Zen Silver Photon, MSRP $98, but available for less).

There is also no question that using a good dedicated CD transport was better yet (I auditioned several and decided on the Proceed CDD, about $900 used). I am not sure at what price the CD transport overtakes Coax/DVD, but my recomendation, after listening to each extensively, would be 1) to skip the DVD/Toslink combo completely, and 2) to audition a few transports in your price range and compare to DVD/Coax. The difference between DVD/Toslink (I tried several cables, 1 and 2 meters) and the Proceed/Coax is so large that I have a hard time believing it is equipment and room sensitive, and based on my experience really can not understand why BC makes the recommendation it does. Perhaps I purchased a bum 525, though it was new.

I agree that CD's do make better transports than DVD's. My brother went the DVD route as his transport went down and he was pinched for cash. Others may have different opinions and experiences though. Sean
I appreciate the thoughtful comments. Ultimately only listening will determine I guess (it always seems to come down to that doesn't it).
I appreciate the thoughtful comments. Ultimately only listening will determine I guess (it always seems to come down to that doesn't it).