DVD player as a CD transport?

Hi:would like to know if a good dvd player in the $600 used
will also make a good cd transport?and what type of digital outs will be better?thanks so much.AL
I use a Sony 7700 as a transport, and prefer it to CAL Delta which I also own. I believe some DAC manufacturers recommend using a DVD.

Most find that digital coax is preferred.
I am running a Sony 7700 into my Krell HTS and then the digital out of the Krell into my DAC when I listen to audio CD's. Works like a charm and sounds great.
I have a Faroudja DVD player that I used for a trasport for a while. It was $5,500 new but they go for about $800 used being they were a first generation player. Not only is the picture quality some of the best I have ever seen but the sound quality blows me away. I think the sound was designed by EAD and it really gives my Class transport a run for its money. The sound quality is so good that I dont have any interest in replacing it with a newer player.
I bought a used Panasonic A-120 for $75, I was going to use it as a DVD player but I decided , just for fun, to hook it up to my Theta Gen Va in place of my Sony 777sacd that I use as a transport. I am shocked at how good the Panasonic is. It is to early to say definitively, but the Panasonic may be as good or better than the $3500 Sony. How can a $400 DVD player be as good as a $3500 SACD player?
I guess it depends on "compared to what"--in this hobby it usually does. On the Sony 7700; It's no Theta Data 3;and I'll guess It's no Faroudja either. I have the Pioneer Elite 09,-- I've had a Sony 7700 also.Bass,low level drive,are sadly missing on both the Sony and Pioneer.(Going into Theta 5a 24/96) If you don't have both on hand,you might not notice .I have lots of LDs; the data 3 is also a class a transport. My guess on this is cd & ld are both 44.1 It also depends on how much the rest of your system resolves. On most DVD players, the major piece of the budget goes for dvd reproduction. I've read here, (by many)how SACD players are so-so, cd players. (This would apply to the older generation sacd players at least.)
Hey Grandpad,
What is different between the CAL and the DVD player? I also have a Delta and an older panasonic DVD player (that I want to upgrade). What type of differences do you hear?