Wanting to purchase a DVD player with digital out to use as a transport when I acquire a dac later on and was wondering which player would have the best audio sound pre dac usage?Older is fine with a $200 or less price.Thanks for any info.
For me I've had great success with the

Oppo DV-980H DVD Player.


You should be able to find this player for under $200 easily. Knock on wood.
Know a friend with a Pioneer DV37 in great shape for $30.

Actually, I have heard the older Oppo DVD players and they really don’t make a good digital transport. The audio from the digital coax output of the older Opp’s were bright/harsh. I have also heard older Pioneer BluRay players having this problem.

Maybe try a newer Oppo 103 used? I also have used new Sony BluRay players that make an excellent digital transport (i.e. taking audio from digital coax output or even HDMI output).  These are any of the Sony blu ray players from the last 3-4 years, and they are extremely cheap!

The DV980H was originally $169.00 usd. I have one. Only has optical output. No digital Coax out.  For fun I ran it through an Emotiva Stealth dc 1 with a Kimber optical cord and the Oppo's CD section still sounded better alone. Good little player, for the $.

But I dont like the way DVD rom transports spool and read CD's. I feel its better to have a dual laser machine or have a CD player performing transport duties.