DVD picture too small using component cable

my dad has a cheap Sony DVD player and a Vizio 42" plazma TV and I hooked it up using component cables. I was surprised to see the picture did not fill the screen. It is stuck in the 4/3 spot (though widescreen mode) to explain: there are black bars to the sides and above and below the picture.

I have a Muse DVD player and 50" Vizio and I use component cables and it fills the picture completely or it may have black bars above and below but never on the sides.

Is this because the Sony DVD player is too cheap or too old? (it is both) What can I do? I went thru both carefully and could not find a resolution adjustment - I presumed the component cables determined that anyway...

thanks for any info!


TV remote has a button for you to adjust it to either widescreen or regular 4:3. Hope that helps.
thanks but the button just stretches the image and not in proportion
You are out of luck. that DVD player, being cheap, and was made ONLY for the 4:3 'full screen' market. It HAS NO MENU for being on a 16:9 TV because it was never made for a 16"9 TV.
Being cheap sometimes is just too cheap to work.
I am sure it works great on an old 4:3 screen TV.
Well, time for a new player. Latest DVD players are quite inexpensive. Better yet, get a Blue Ray player.
thanks everyone! my suspicions are confirmed. my dad will never cough up the dough I am sure...

that's what father's day is for.....
Does it do it with all DVDs? Most older widescreen DVDs are not anamorphic and if the player is set for anamorphic or compressed mode it will not let you change the screen size. The TVs's remote should have a resize button that will fix it.
yes it does it on all DVDs that I tried including one that works fine in my player (Moulin Rouge)

good point about fathers day...
There's still the TV's screen size control.
Seems like your father is easy to please. He will be thrilled with an entry level br player. I suggest panasonic 60 or 65 for the money. This will give him the best use of his tv and bring out the best of his dvd by upconverting. Shop azon or better yet...here for a clean prev owned unit. For about the same price as a new unit you could get a much nicer unit here. Let us know what happens...and happy soon to be Fathers Day to all.
Rwwear: as noted above, the TV's size button stretches the picture out of proportion

thanks for the tip Mnnc
Sorry I missed the screen size deal. Something is not set correctly somewhere though and it could be the TV if not the player.
Rwwear do you not think the old cheap DVD player is the culprit? Elizabeth mentioned they were made for 4/3 screen ratio in the past and I believe that is true in this case.


The old Sony players I've used can be set up to display a widescreen image. Check the DVD player setup menu and see if there is an item called screen setup. If there is, select TV type. Then select 16:9.

it will display the 16:9 image but it occupies the 4/3 space.

I will look for the menu you mention and thanks!
No DVD player was made for 4:3 especially a Sony.
Check the sony player output interlaced or progressive scan signal from component out, older player only output interlaced signal ( before progressive scan player available ). S-video out will work fine on your TV.
I feel like a dummy because I did find a menu on the DVD player that allowed me to switch to 16/9 mode. I do not know what I was thinking before and did not find it.

thanks Rwwear,

and thanks to everyone else who helped as well.