DVD Picture Problem -- Please Help

I just bought a new Panasonic RP-62 progressive scan DVD player. I'm feeding it into a 32" Panasonic Tau flat screen TV. I'm using the component video outputs on the DVD player (not progressive scan, the TV is not equipped for it).

I just put in a few DVD's to make sure everything was working okay. Audio and video both seem to work fine, and the picture is sharp, but I swear it looks like the picture is CROOKED! It looks like everything is slanted slightly upwards, left to right. Can this be? Or am I just imagining it? And is this a problem with the DVD player or with the TV?

Previously, I was using a Philips SACD 1000 for both audio and HT duties, but I've recently moved to a stand alone CD player, and bought the Panasonic to be my stand alone DVD unit. The picture is sharper and cleaner than the Philips, but I don't think the picture was crooked with the Philips. This leads me to believe that the problem is with the Panasonic, but I can't imagine what would cause a crooked picture.

Anyone experienced this before? Anyway to adjust it? Am I just going crazy?

Thanks in advance.
I think you are crazy.

But, incase your are not crazy, I'd suggest you further your efforts in isolating the problem if you haven't already done so. Try to use different video cables, different video inputs of your tv, different video outputs on your dvd player, and swap the phillips back to see if the problem is still there.

I would have thought, as some computer monitors allows you to adjust the horizontal and vertical axis of the picture, your TV achieved this by being droped during shipping. But, since your Phillips puts out a normal picture, scratch that.
I would take it back to the dealer and hook it up to one of their sets and go from there
I have the same problem but I know it's my TV. The picture from the cable is the same way, just more noticeable with the DVD and more so with wide screen movies. It's the same Panasonic DVD player you have and it works fine, the TV is a 20" flat screen Emerson I picked up at Walmart for $149 for the bedroom. It runs down to right about 1/8" to less than a 1/4". I don't notice it much laying down anyway.
Most modern TV's have a tilt control in their setup menus. It will usually fix the problem. Some DVD players have this adjustment also.
Thanks for all the input. Rwwear, you hit it... When I was reconfiguring and unplugged my tv, the setting must have changed or reset. There was a setting that fixed the picture. Thanks again!