DVD outputs, best picture

Which outputs from the DVD player to the television provide the best picture?

My choices are:

Component Video


Component video is a better picture than S-video...go there.

Component by a significant margin.
hdmi if you have a digital tv and are sending a digital signal (otherwise you are dopwn converting to analog)

component is the best of the analog outputs

some people output in component on certain dvd players because the digital has copyright protection elements
S-VHS is a lesser connection than component.
The low to high...
Lowest Coax into antenna. (old VCRs..)
next worst: composite (everyyhing in one coax)
next least worse: S-VHS (great with S-VHS and Laserdisc players)
better: Component: three separate coax cables (DVD standard)
second best DVI (computer standard)
Best: HDMI: (Hi def standard)
Has anybody out there done comparisons between HDMI and Component.

I've read threads that the PQ is pretty close - this was done using HD monitors.

What would I do in that situation is plug my DVD Player into my TV using the Component Video inputs (best picture...... BY A WIDE MARGIN...... until HDMI emerged) and use the coaxial outputs to output the audio from the DVD Player itself to the sound system.

Between S-Video and Component Video, Component Video wins out everytime.......

Good Luck.......

Thanks for the input.

I think there may be another issue though. I have to check this evening. The references I have seen indicate that component video is three cables. I seem to recall from looking at the back of the TV and the back of the DVD player that I have five cables.

Could this be correct or do I have something else going on?
five cables
component blue red yellow or blue red green
and audio left and right
I looked at both the tv and dvd player.

On the tv they are labeled Y, Pb and Pr.

On the dvd they are labeled Y, Cb/Pb and Cr/Pr.

Does it make a difference ragearding how the dvd are labeled with ragards to the Cb/Pb and Cr/Pr? Do I have to select something so that they feed the Pb and Pr to match the tv?