dvd output what should I use?

For movies should I use the digital out to my parasound c2 or should I use the 6 channel out analog to my c2? And what would give me the best sound? Thanks Joe
Use the digital out unless you want to invest $ in six cables, and are sure that the DAC's in your DVD player are that much better than your Parasound.
Well, You don't say what DVD player you have, but you obviously paid some bucks for a quality processor. I would think that you would want that expensive processor to do the D/A conversion. Use a digital connection to have the DAC in the processor do the conversion.

Just my $.02 worth!

Depends on your gear and your room acoustics and room treatments. I have tried both ways, and for me and my system, the 5.1 rca outputs to the multi channel inputs is the more transparent and lifelike by a large margin. Yes, I did buy some good quality (Straightwire) used interconnects. And I compared this to digital output using a Siltech $300 digital cable.

I use Magnaplaner speakers, a powered Velodyne subwoofer, and the dvd player is the Denon 2200. The 3 channel amp is a Rotel, and the main 2 channel system is McCormack. The Rotel preouts send the signal to the McCormack amp for the large front and right speakers.

Let your ears talk to you!