DVD or Blu Ray Player Recommendation

I am going to purchase a new DVD player and need some assistance.

We watch a lot of movies but also listened to CDs so I am trying to find a good compromise player.

I am consider the Oppo, Integras, and have even seen used Arcam DV135 listed here for a good price. Budget under $1000, but of course less is better.

Not really sure that I want a BluRay player ?

Comments? Recommendations?

My setup is

Pioneer Elite 50" Plasma
Integra 8.9 Receiver
Revel M22 Left and Right Speakers
Revel C32 Center Channel
B & W CCM 80 Rear Channels

Thanks in advance!
I'm sure you want a Blu-ray player with that TV:-)

The key question is: are you happy with the audio and video playback using digital inputs with your Integra receiver?

If yes, then you can choose anything that'll spin a BR disc. If not, then you'll have to find a player that does audio or video or both better than your receiver.

Your receiver uses the HQV Reon video processor. It has been shown to do SD->HD scaling of DVD very well. Look at the disc player reviews on the Home Theater magazine web site for examples. The Anchor Bay VRS video processors also passes all the video tests.

Assuming your receiver is comparable to the DTC-9.8 pre/pro in processing digital audio, CD playback should be quite good.

So if you're happy with the audio/video performance of your receiver, pick a BR player with a good warranty and let the receiver do all the work.

Thanks for the help and advice.

I decided to buy an Oppo BDP-83.
Solid choice.
You will not regret the 83 purchase. Great performer in all aspects and vg resell value...though I don't see you wanting to sell it anytime soon after you use it.
The Oppo is absolutely great. Very easy to setup, fast response times, very good picture and good sound quality.

I am very pleased.
Awesome...enjoy...cheers! That 83 is a heck of machine indeed.