DVD music concerts

I seem to get more out of concert video's now.After watching movies like "Standing in the shadows of motown",Neal Young "Heart of gold",The Band "Last waltz" Dave Matthews Band "Red rock"...to name a few.

What would you recommend that has good audio as well as video.Some of the older recordings on newer DVD's sound bad.I'm trying to avoid them(smile).

there are a few best DVD concert threads here

Steely Dan Two Agianst Nature
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
Roxy Music - Live at the Apollo
Pink Floyd - Pulse
Who - Isle of Wright
are just a few that you didn't list that I really enjoy
Search the archives.Many threads on this.One of the best is Talking Heads-Stop making sense.Pind Floyd-Pulse also.JD
Roger Waters the wall live in berlin and Roget waters in the flesh
for something sensual and sounds and looks great either Sade (shar-day) live show
Dylan No Direction Home
Herea re soome of my favorites:

An Evening with the Dixie Chicks
Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival
Paul Simon's Graceland
All The Road Running - Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Macy Gray Live in Las Vegas

And, super, super good: Lightening In a Bottle
Allison Krauss and Union Station Live
James Taylor at the Beacon Theater
The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (Hammersmith 1975) and Live in Barcelona (2002) concert DVD's.
If you like the Blues...."Lightning in a Bottle"

This one-night, one-time-only concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York sees some of the greatest musicians in the history of blues music gather onstage. Performers include B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Steven Tyler, Aaron Neville and Macy Gray. Captured on film (by director Antoine Fuqua) are interviews with Buddy Guy, Chris Thomas King, Dr. John, Jimmie Vaughn, Honeyboy Edwards, Ruth Brown, Shemekia Copeland and Vernon Reid.

Widescreen...top quality 5.1 sound (crank this baby!)

Some "crank this baby" suggestions

Some more with excellent sound
Black Eyed Peas - Live from Vegas to Sydney (Sydney has amazingly good sound for a concert, Vegas sucks!)
Robbie Williams - Live At the Albert Hall (Swing music)
Eagles Hell Freezes Over (amazing sound - aging band)

Other great concerts but not such great sound
ACDC Live at Donington (original crew but poor sound)
ACDC Stiff upper lip live (better sound but Brian Johnson and aging crew)
Queen Live at Wembly (Queen at their peak)
Here is a third recommendation for Roger Waters' "In The Flesh" - the video quality is excellent as is the sound. And, most importantly, the editor did not indulge in that quick-cut, MTV-type crap that seems so popular nowadays.
Up - Peter Gabriel
David Gilmour in Concert

The sound on the David Gilmour concert is especially well done. Very realistic 5.1 mix. Demo material for my system.
Wow six recommendations for Gilmour/Waters/Pink Floyd DVD's...all done by James Guthrie.

Either this is age related (Floyd peak period fan effect) or James Guthrie has indeed become a great surround mix/mastering engineer, as indicated by the audiogon votes so far...

...it is worth paying attention to who does the console work when it comes to DVD audio quality!
Best sound I've ever heard on concert DVD, and I have most of the ones mentioned above is Cream, Royal Albert Hall, 2005.

Oh, and the video is superb too.
Steely Dan - Two Against Nature, James Taylor - Pull Over, Fleetwood Mac - The Dance, Luther Van Dross - Live at Wembley, Eagles - Hell Freezes Over.
Just bought "Last Traffic Jam" Traffic (steve winwood,jim capaldi and session musicians)recorded live on a re-union tour of sorts 1994. Sound quality is very good and excellent performances, one of the best versions of "Low Spark" I've ever heard. Video editing and "concepts" leave a bit to be desired. I'd recommend it on the music and the sound.
Try Rush Replay 3X.
It has Exit...Stage Left,
Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984,
And A Show Of Hands Tour 1989!
Al Dimeola, Stanley Clarke, Jean luc Ponte, Live at Montreux

Doro Pesch- Fur Immer
G3 Live in Denver
Dream Theater- Live at Budokan
Eric Claptons Crossroads Festival
Dokken live at the Sun
as already mentioned, there are multiple threads on this topic, but I'm going to list mine here also since there are some new ones since I last posted. It's obviously subject to music taste - but there may be something for everybody. Some of these are nostalgic for me.

For reference - here's a few of the existing threads:
What concert or music DVD's are worth having?
Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD finally
Best Concert Film

Some from my current line up:

Concert for George (this is an unbelievable concert)
Pink Floyd - Pulse " "
Allison Krauss & Union Station Live
Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
Crossroads Guitar Festival
Simon and Garfunkel - Old Friends
Diana Krall - Live in Paris

Cream - Royal Albert Hall
Steve Hackett - Somewhere in South America; and Once Above a Time
Camel - Coming of Age

Very Good:
Mark Knopfler - A Night in London
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere
Cowboy Junkies - Open Road (this is only Stereo/Pro-logic)
Neil Young at Red Rocks
Metallica S&M
Mike Oldfield - The Art in Heaven Concert
Julia Fordham - That's Live
America - Live at the Sydney Opera House
Guess Who - Running back thru Canada
King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open
Procol Harem Live
Nektar - Pure - Live in Germany 2005
Nanci Griffith - Winter Marquee
Standing in the Shadows of Motown is the best I've seen or heard. James Taylor has a few great ones to offer.
I played last night again; BEP Black Eyed Peas - Live from Sydney to Vegas (Sydney has amazingly good sound for a concert, Vegas sucks!).

I compared it to Pulse ( a highly rated DVD in these and many threads ). While I prefer the music of Pink Floyd, there is absolutely no comparison to modern 5.1 recording techniques from this Floyd 1994 concert re-mix to last years BEP concert tour (with multiple Grammy award winning engineering behind it).

I also got my sound meter out to figure out what was going on. It was such a startling difference and I am not one easily given to hyperbole!

While you may not like Pop-rap you owe it to yourself and to test your sound system with what engineer Tal Herberg has achieved on this BEP DVD; a new gold standard in concert recording...absolutely astonishing dynamics and clarity!

The sound SPL meter was all over the place (I could not find a comfortable position for the ratshack meter, as it was consistently indicating either too Low or too High!)

This is one of very few recordings WITHOUT compression. Microphones sound just like live microphones do at a real concert (no doctoring). Normally compression is always used in Rock/Pop to even out the dynamics of drums versus guitars, so music never sounds anything like it does at a real live event. Not so in this case! You are there.

If you go for it and crank it just be careful....this BEP DVD has the type of dynamics that can easily BLOW speaker drivers if you are not very careful. Unlike the usual compressed stuff, it will not sound loud or harsh even at high volume levels (I found that an average of 95 db SPL at the listening position was best for this concert with peaks about 20 db above this).

I have over 50% of the DVD's already mentioned in these threads. I also prefer Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blues, country, you name it to pop-rap....but a great live recording is a great recording so I feel I must spread the word about the BEP's...especially given how BAD normal pop recordings are these days.

Is there a glimmer of hope that sound engineers and artists might once again begin to give us decent uncompressed music? I am pretty doubtful when it comes to CD's ...but DVD's, well perhaps, finally, after years of frustratingly bad DVD's, there are some signs of hope...
Blue Man Group - The Complex Rock Tour Live
The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Live at Liverpool Kings Dock Waterfront Arena 2004
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - No Quarter

Have you watched (and listened) to the "Lightning in a Bottle" dvd I mentioned above? If not, check it out when you get a chance...good blues by some old masters.


Thanks. I saw your post and I decided I must have "Lightning in a Bottle" - you convinced me. It is one of the 50% on this thread so far that I don't have, and it really caught my interest.

I also have Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Down & Dirty arriving shortly. I have been impressed by the natural uncompressed sound of Dirty Dozen's CD recordings (although this indicates nothing, as BEP's last CD is quite compressed and yet their DVD came out so good...

I'll report back if Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Down & Dirty DVD is any good...but thanks again for the lightning recommendation!

I'd like to applaud your listing existing posts on this subject.
This is SO much better than merely whining about what is already there (as if we have time to wallow in the AGon matrix of posts to find them).

For me, I really like Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" DVD (still trying to decide if the music was actually made during the show or if some "Milly Vanilly" monkey business going on).

Also really like the Zep' double set.

Still waiting for an extended Humble Pie performance.
no a concert per se
but the Beatles Anthology DVD is stellar
I have to second bdgregory's nod to "Concert for George", great musicians, great music, great man (good video & sound too.)
I would like to have Maze featuring Frankie Beverly,CAMEO @ PARLIMENT-FUNKADELIC DVD LIVE CONCERT
is there any live genesis featuring peter gabriel
I saw a segment on A&E's "Breakfast with the Arts" on Genesis that included old footage with Peter Gabriel. They had several cuts during his "costume" days but I don't think there were any complete concerts. Even if there were it looked like the production values would be pretty bad. Sure would be nice to see them all together again.
Sure would be nice to see them all together again.
hmmm, I saw a news item last week that Genesis is getting back together. Sadly, I believe it's the version sans Gabriel and Hackett. Wouldn't it be nice to see the Original Genesis (actually the mark II unit with Hackett) do a reunion show?

Since there's been interest in Prog bands - I'll mention a DVD I picked up at the Tower records closing: Nektar "Pure" (Live in Germany 2005). Worth getting if you're a Nektar fan.
Nine Inch Nails - Live - Beside You in Time
It is in DTS and it sounds and looks incredible.
I'm waiting for all these to come out on BlueRay :)
The "Strat Pack" is highly recommended. A dedication to the Stratocaster. Gary Moore's version of Red House alone is worth the price of the disc. Brian May and Paul Rodgers do quite a few songs, and Joe Walsh and David Gilmour are excellent too. The back-up singers are easy on the eyes.
sade - both her concerts are very sensual and nice musicianship
I just watched Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live" in DTS and it sounded pretty darn good, Paula Cole was featured as backing vocalist and she was very good akso.
Motorhead: "25 & Alive: Boneshaker" Dolby Digital

Manowar: "Fire and Blood" especially "Blood in Brazil" disc, Dolby Digital

Celtic Woman: their first DVD, this one has some incredible bass, great for sub demo, Dolby Digital

Celtic Woman: "A New Journey: Live at Slane Castle, Ireland" this one is in both Dolby Digital and DTS
1. Porcupine Tree " Anything Somewhere"
2. Peter Gabriel "Secret World Live"
3. Pink Floyd "pulse"
4. Fleetwood Mac " The Dance"
Definately Eric Clapton 24 nights. The sound quality is first rate, especially with the orchestra.
I don't have 24 nights, but it made me think of another Clapton DVD that I do have. "One More Car, One More Rider"
Excellent Wide-Screen, DTS production if you have that capability.
Joing NetFlix and rent: Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Beatles: Yellow Submarine, Eagles: Hell Freezes Over, Roger Waters, PortisHead, Dave Matthews, The Band: The Last Waltz, Sade, Lincoln Park, Big Head Todd.
try Peter Gabriel Growing Up Live Much better than Secret World
Joe Cocker in Concert (recorded 10/15/96 in Stuttgart, Germany

John Fogerty, The Long Road Home

Chicago, Live by Request (on A&E from 2002)

The Gratful Dead Movie (2 disc set)

Susan Tedeschi Live from Austin, TX
I bought "Lightning in a Bottle" shortly after Dave's suggestion - this is pretty good sound and very educational, GREAT music and FUN - I highly recommend it!

Thanks DAVE!
Has anyone mentioned Pink Floyd "Pulse", live from Earl's Court in London 1994? I just viewed it. All I can say is......WOW !! Disc 2, Dark Side of the Moon, is sensational. This disc set offers two 5.1 SS audio streams: the default 448kbps and an upgraded 640kbps. If your player is compatible, select the 640kbps. Whoa !!
see my 4-22-2007 post
Lorenna McKennitt has a new live from the Alhambra that is excellent.
Brian Wilson's "Smile" is really good. It has an available 5.1 DTS surround soundtrack, and the video itself is also great. The sound quality beats the hell out of the CD (which is actually very good for a CD).

I have a live concert of Alison Kraus and Union Station. Also has a 5.1 surround DTS available, which sounds great, as are the performances. I think the video quality leaves something to be desired.

Pat Metheny's "The Way Up" is available in HD DVD, so its video quality is top notch and the sonics are excellent as well.
Yes, J.T. Live at Beacon Theater is really good.
Also Seal, live in Paris