DVD locked inside my Sony DVP-NS975V HELP

I have a DVD locked inside my Sony DVP NS975V and the drawer won't open. No matter what I do, the led just reads locked. I just cannot get the drawer to open. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Take the cover off and see what is keeping the drawer from optning.
Before you take the cover off while the machine is on just pull the plug. Wait 5 minutes and plug it back in and then try to eject it. Sometimes an electronic component gets stuck and won't finish its cycle. BUT FIRST MAKE SURE THE VOLUME IS DOWN ALL THE WAY.
Have you tried unplugging it and letting it reset?
It's not the movie Hostage, Ransom, or Lock Up? I would do as Rwwear mentions, if this fails place the dvd movie Negotiator in front of the player and wait a while.
I have had this happen in the past, removing the top of the unit (although different model to yours) was simple. It took no more than 5 minutes to repair.

Both times this happened, the culprit wound up being that silver ring/decal you often find centre of rented dvd's. One time it was barely peeling and wound up stuck; the other, part had come off and the gum/glue wound up attaching itself to the dvd drawer.
I had this. I sent it to Sony for repair. They said they upgraded the software on the 975. I couldn't fix it myself. The display showed "TRAY LOCKED". that's it. I couldn't do a thing. In some case you can accidentally lock the tray with combo of bottons on the remote, but check your manual for exact message. If that's not it and it's still under warranty send it to sony. But I got to tell you, the picture quality on this machine throught the HDMI cable is outstanding, but the build quality is terrible. It's basically a piece of crap as far as build. Sorry, but that is my opinion based on the tricks this unit performed over the past year and 1/2.