DVD for two channel home theater

Yes, this is the minimalist approach - not much space and limited budget. I am looking for a DVD player with virtual surround or tru-surround capabilities. This would allow me to use a two-channel system and obtain a "surround-like souund". It is the same approach that the BOSE 3-2-1 system uses. Has anyone tried this? what DVD player would be recommended?
Thanks, Salsero
Hi Salsero,

I use a Pioneer DV-05 for 2 channel home theater, but I don't mess with any surround stuff. I prefer to avoid the faux 2 channel digital processed surround. It sounds too artifical to me, but I guess I'm more of a purist in that way. If you have a good system you'll get close to a 180 degree soundstage with regular 2 channel. I had a real surround system a few years back and I don't miss it at all. And BOSE?? Many people on this would advise you to stay as far away from any BOSE technology as you possibly can. :-)
If you buy any Bose equipment, dear Salsero, we will come to your house and pelt it with tomatoes, casserole, and other homegrown delicacies.
I am diappointed with the music altered by by many digital chip processors Dolby, prologic etc).I prefer 2 channel stereo and also 5 channel passive decoder (Pro one) made by EFE technology.It is in between my pre amplifier and 2 power amplifiers(2 channel and e channel) All my speakers are full range. I like it.