DVD for image

While I bury my old Denon DVD2800 with its great picture, what can I replace it with until the HiDef dvd player dust (and prices) settle? I'm not all too concerned about audio as I use a Meridian 602/606 setup for that.
Easy! The Oppo 970, 971 or 981. Three different models from this company and they all have great video performance. You can buy them direct from Oppo for $149, $199 and $249 respectively.

I believe the $199 Oppo 971 still holds the highest score of any DVD player ever tested by Secrets of Home Theater (typically known as the definitive source for DVD player reviews).

The Oppo 970 is a universal player with somewhat better audio, DVD-A and SACD playback. The Oppo 980 upsamples to 1080p vs upsampling to 1080i for the 970 and 971, but it loses Component video output in favor of HDMI only for hi-def output.

Check them out in this forum and at AVSforum (THE video geek forum).


I agree with Reubent. At the prices and performance levels of the Oppo players, they become no-brainer purchases...especially for those waiting for the format wars to play out.
Oppo all the way.
Yup, Oppo...and Happy New Year!
What about the new DENON 3930ci. I hear the picture is incredible and the CD,SACD sound is amazing.

Anyone have any experience with these new DENON's

That's what I figured would be the general consensus. And of course to get this blessing on AudiogoN, that's what I was looking for.
Thanks to everyone,
Happy New Year!!
What makes the OPPO so good anyway? I can't imagine it's the size of the transformer in that slim chassis, as for the electronics inside, anyone else can have them too, so what is it?