dvd component to dvi worth it???

I am currently using a Yamaha dvd($200) player, using component hookup. Is is worth purchasing something that has a dvi or hmdi output? Wil there be a noticable improvement in the video? 95% of my watching is dvd and my tv has the hook up so thought it might me worth it. I am not looking to spend a lot. Maybe $200-300(this way my wife wont have a fit when i start talking about HDDVD). I am using a 56" Samsung DLP with the seating area approx 13ft away.
There is no real reason to convert from component to HDMI. If the player had HDMI out then it would be better to use it in most cases. Then you would have a digital to digital connection.
I saw almost no difference on screen between hdmi and component cables on a friends new sony lcd 40" with $200 player. Might as well wait a few months for the cheaper HD dvd players to come out. Mike
In the last issue of Perfect Vision (I think) there was a big spread on DVD players from $79.00 budget to the $10k range and it was noted that very few at any price yeilded a better picture with DVI/HDMI...infact some pictures actually got worse, I know that my budget Samsung DVI is much worse than Comp video (more interferance) bad enough that I pulled it and never looked back.
It is sort of the same question as the whole outboard DAC thing for audio. Which does a better job of scaling, your DVD or your monitor? I have found that on most high end plasmas, the digital connections work better. My personal theory is that given the oddities of plasma pixel counts and the "digital" nature of a plasma display, the manufacturer of the display has an inherent edge in scaling digital to digital. In other cases, it may not hold true--some DVD players have excellent scalers built in, and if you have a true 1080 or 720 display, that may actually work better.

I think its kind of funny, but a lot of the "golden eyes" over at http://www.avsforum.com like s-video into high end machines for standard def material, since it softens it a bit. YMMV.
Keep cable costs in mind.
Long DVI/HDMI runs will cost more than the player???
I doubt it's worth it unless you have a 10 foot screen.