DVD/CDTweaks:Stabalizer Mats,Shakti Stone etc...

Greetings fellow Agoners.Was wondering if anyone out there has ears on experience with the drop in sound improvement discs or stabalizer mats available as well as adding a Shakti Stone to a dvd player?A couple of the mats are fairly expensive ($200.00 & $100.00)but there's also one for $40.00 I was thinking of trying,& the Shakti Stone is also $200.00.I don't mind spending the money if theres a worthwhile improvement in sound quality.Whats your feedback?Thanks for your time.
To Freediver from Freemand!

Yes, those things are so worth it. I have a arcam diva dvd player that does two fold for music and home theater.

That said, I have my arcam so modded and tweaked.

I have about 4 shakti onlines inside my arcam mainly on the large audio wire strips that plugs into the boards. I spent a little time a/bing it find where it did the best. I also have one sheet of ers paper inside.

I also have the SID cd mat and the more expensive $200 dollar Marigo stabalizer mat that I bought a year after the SID. I loved what the SID did. Better audio and video. The $200 marigo signature took it to a better level, though it is 4 times the price. They are both good for there cost ratio. I tried the black light mat also at the same time as the SID and a preferred the SID. The problem with the marigo signature is its finiky in my arcam. Sometimes it don't start up and have to redo it. The Sid seems to work flawlessly always working when I install it. One reason for this is the marigo is much thicker then the Sid. My guess is the marigo does work solidly in other players and may be worth the trial if you can return it to the manufacture.

Also, do a lot with the resonance and vibration control. My dvd picture became more stable and grain free the more I concentrated in these areas.

Have fun!