DVD/CD suggestions

I currently use a Cal DX-1 in my video system for background listening. I want to replace it with DVD that will be similar to the Cal sound -- laid back and easy to listen to. Any suggestions. Principal use will be video.
Thanks Dave
I'm not familiar with the CAL sound, but the Elite Pioneer DV-05, DV-09, DV-38(?), and DV-47 are all supposed to be pretty nice sounding players in their stock version. I own the DV-05, and I've seen them often for $300-$400 used. THe DV-09 is even better and often used for $600-$800. I've also heard great things about the modded cheaper Pioneer players like the DV-333 or DV-343(?)...they cost less than $200. People like Stan Warren and Dan Wright modify them for $200-$250 and they supposedly sound very nice.
If your budget is under the $2k range, I highly recommend the Sony DVP s9000es for your dvd/SACD/cd needs. It's an excellent all around performer. It's not the end-all sonically but it gets you pretty close. And Stan Warren's $250 mod on this unit will get you even closer.

Well worth it.
Phild: Where can I find Stan Warren and/or Dan Wright? Thanks.
Stan Warren (co-founder of PS Audio)
2375 W. 21st Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405
Phone: 541.344.3696

A friend of a friend (a professional in the audio industry) claims Stan's $250 mod was about a 40% improvement in sonic performance and Stan himself claims a conservative 25% improvement. My guess is you should hope for between 25% and 40% improvement.

Dan Wright is in Portland, OR and has a website modwright.com I believe.