DVD/CD Redbook Player

I never took the jump past Redbook CD playback but now like the idea of combining DVD and CD playback into one player. Is there a machine out there that you recommend? Or is there a compromise on the CD playback once the DVD is added? My system is primarily vinyl and I don't want to sink big $$ into a CD player and would value the CD playback over the DVD. Wouldn't want to spend more than 1K on a used machine.
look for a used denon 3910. it can be bought for $300-450 range. good bet IMHO
Agree with Madhf's recommendation of the Denon 3910. I also have a Denon 2900 that sounds great and is very solidly built. It does not have HDMI output, though, if that's a consideration for you.
The top of the line Oppo universal player, BD 83SE is within your price range. Sabre 32 bit DACs, enhanced analog output stage, and stellar reviews. Plays everything out there, from SACD to Blue Ray.
Arcam makes very highly regarded CD/DVD players. Just chkd and there's a handful for sale right here. Great audio/video quality, built like a tank, and a lot of 'em are going for HALF what yr willing to pay!