DVD/CD player

Need help choosing a great unit that doesn't sacrifice sound for sight (or vice versa) too much, has HDMI for my Fujitsu Plasma TV, and doesn't cost a fortune (over $5K). Thanks.
I do not know what HDMI is but I love my Muse model 9 sig. gen 3 for picture and sound DVD and CD. It trounced my Sony DVPS9000ES in all areas.
What is HDMI?
The ARCAM FMJ-27 has gotten very good reviews, and it has a MSRP of about $3k.
HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface.... basically it is DVI with audio as well, and the two are interconvertable with a simple adapter.

I would say you look into a Teac Esoteric DV-50s.... comes with DVI, is a reference standard CD player, and does amazing video as well as SACD/DVD-A.

I've seen them on A-gon for ~$3800 used, or you can get a DV-50 and pay Teac the $500 to add the DVI out and also upgrade the video to 14 bit...
I have recently owned the Bel Canto PL-1, the Arcam DV27A and the Ayre D1-x. I was looking for the best sound on CD first and the video quality second. The Ayre was by far the best of the bunch, in both CD audio and video, in fact I prefer the CD playback sound to my Audio Aero Capitole Mk 2. They list for 12k, but I managed to buy mine used under 5k.