DVD/CD for Bedroom

Looking for a simple one box solution. I like the linn classik but it's too pricy. I've seen the Nad L series. How does this unit perform? Don't need much power so 50/channel is fine. No need for surround. Any other suggestions? Speaker suggestions for small space with this system?


Something I started with for a bedroom system 10 years ago was NHT SuperZero satellite speakers, and I still have them. NAD is good place to search for an integrated, and a nice affordable DVD/CD player is the Pioneer DV45. Good luck!
I have heard that the newer NAD all-in-one is a fair bit better than the old.

Even the Panasonic's (Tripath amps) get pretty good words, though, as long as the speakers are not a hard load (6-8 ohms best). I have their DVD-S47 DVD player feeding a XR-25 receiver via digital connection, actually very musical for a cheap system. I imagie their all-in-one is good as well.

Good luck!
Teac have some very nice mini (not necessariyl one-box) systems. Do a Google search for "Teac Reference"...