DVD burner Vs. Comcast

Hey folks.

So i picked up a new toy, Panasonic DMR-EH50. DVD burner with built in 100gb harddrive.

Anyone have any experience with this and comcast cable box?

I have it set up with S-vid from the cable box to the DVR, it is supposed (according to the manual) be able to be able to pull the programming schedule off of the comcast box.
So i had it set up and left it off overnight as per manual so it can get the info. Next day, no programming info. I hooked up the RF In from the comcast box. waiting to see if that helps.

Has anyone here had any luck getting this thing set up right? the manual totally sucks. Im thinking i might just have to run a tap off of the cable jack to the DVR without using the box.

Any help?

Try calling Comcast tech support. I've found them to be pretty good.
Did you tell it that you are using a cable box with it? Most DVRs have the option of downloading many different programming guides.
yeah i told it i had a cable box, unfortunatly it doesent seem to want to download any programming off of it. Before i left for work today i put a splitter from the cable feed, one to the box and one to the dvr. Im hoping that it will be able to download the programming guide if the cable box is out of the way. the cable box seems to filter out the TV guide signal.
Once i get home i should be able to tell if it worked. I'll still have to manually record anything On-Demand or on the premium channels, but my main goal was to be able to record the primetime network programs that i miss while im working. So if this works ill be set :)
some recorders take up to 24 hours to download the program guide does yours slappy? hey have you seen the Natalie Portman flick Closer yet?
I own a Panasonic DMR EH85. It has 3 additional inputs.

I am using the Comcast(without box)in its normal Rf input it took a day to download the cable channels.

The other 3 inputs are used with...

1.The HD Comcast Cable box(records awesome to the Panasonic)
thru one input. However, you must tune the channel thru the Comcast Cable Box

2.DVD Player thru another input.(With a Macro Eliminator)

3.The last input is for my SVHS VCR
Natalie Portman..... mmmmmmm......

Ozzy, Yeah that is what i ended up doing. I have the RF from the wall to a splitter with one lead to the cable box and one lead to the DVR, then i have the Svid from the cable box out to the DVR as IN3 input.

All in all this works pretty well, the guide is now working (sort of, there are blank spots which im sure will fill in) the only mild inconvenience is if i want to record something off the digital cable i have to do it manually. But all the normal cable stations work with the guide and recording features.

I was playing with this thing all day yesterday, im really enjoying this thing. :)

The only thing that sucks is the lack of component inputs and digital audio inputs.