DVD black and white

My DVD is playing back in B & W instead of color. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a problem with the machine?
Have you checked to make sure your cables are good? I have had a bad pin on svhs cause this
you tryin' to play casablanca? the man who wasn't there?

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Scott C-
The Man Who Wasn't There?? Love the piano music. I would also guess at it being a cable problem.
Could be a cable or the scart input or TV is not set to the correct setting or DVD is not set to the correct output i.e s-video if this the type of connection you are using..
I have noticed that some DVD players, Pre/Processors and TV's do have a setting where you can play the source in black and white. Check your settings.

Although my guess would be that your component cables are mixed up. Make sure Y=Y Pb/Cb=Pb/Cb PR/Cr=PR/Cr
Thanks PE 3046 it was a bad cable