DVD-Audio Mint Condition Collection....

I'm dropping this new thread out there to determine if there may be interest from some of you to pick up a good number of mint condition (some never played) mint condition, high-quality DVD-Audio discs in various genres (Classical, Rock, Jazz, New Age/Techo, and many others) including virtually the entire AIX Records DVD-A multi-channel catalog as it existed as of 3 years ago.

Unfortunately (I love the sonics and quality that good DVD-A's provide), after moving away from my Esoteric P-03U/D-03 combo to the CD/SACD-only P-02/D-02 combo and the fact that I no longer have a high-end multi-ch home theater in the current house, I have all these mint-condition DVDA's taking up shelf-space and would like to find them a new home....

If anyone is interested, please respond here and I'll list out the titles in full; once interest is established, I'll then post one or more ads (and undertake the cost of each) to have a proper selling/ad setup.

Let me know of any questions,...thank you!
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flea market buck per piece?
it's obsolete sorry.
i'm media seller and having hard time selling any digital disks anywhere on the web.
reel and cassette tapes sell much better.

I would interested in learning more about your DVD-A collection. Feel free to post here or notify me via PM.
I am still looking for a few titles to add to my collection.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Fishing with 2 threads ??????
EBM: Nope, ,...posted to both Misc Audio and Music where it seemed to fit not knowing which one the 'moderators' would approve; unfortunately, they were both approved....no intention of fishing with 2 threads.

All: let's dump this thread and use the other one that has gotten a few more responses;


Czarivey: "buck a piece...", not likely. I'd keep 'em first particularly the AIX offerings, as I've figured out a way to rip the high-quality tracks off them and eventually get them over to Apple Lossless (or other formats).

Jafant: Thank you,...please join on the other thread with the URL listed above...

Have a good day everyone,....
Thanks! for sharing- Zephry.
I look forward to reviewing your DVD-A collection.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Will do....thank you all!

when are you going to post your listings?
I am looking forward in reading about your collection?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
The weekend disappeared with family-related things that took priority,...running behind on this; will take care of it soon (this week).
All,...let's stop responding on this thread as well and hop over the other thread (guilty here as well). I'm posting first iteration of the list.....
Final list is on the other thread.
Truly sorry that it took so long for me to have enough time to create the auction listing. It is now posted under "new today" and my user ID online.....thanks for your patience!!!